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3 Reasons to Get Excited for Fearless Week

Let’s leave the subpar digital events behind and focus the attention on three reasons why I’m excited about Fearless Week—and why you should be too.

By Johnny Sandquist,
Founder & CEO of Three Crowns Copywriting & Marketing

Are you wondering if Nitrogen Fearless Week will be a worthwhile use of your time this August?

Whenever you have to exchange your time for an online event, that’s the right questions to ask yourself—but I’m certain that the ROI of Fearless Week in your practice will be huge.

And I’m the perfect person to tell you why that’s true…

Because, generally speaking, I don’t like digital conferences.

Now, to be upfront, I am a panelist on the “Ask the Experts: Social Media” session broadcasting at 9:00 am PST on August 14. (Shameless plug? Yeah, a little.)

But because of my involvement, you might be thinking: “Of course you’re excited about Fearless Week, you have to be.”

I can see that point of view, but that’s not how I operate.

If I wasn’t excited about the Nitrogen team’s vision for Fearless Week, I would have said no to being part of the panel—just like I do when I don’t feel excited about working with a particular group in my copywriting and marketing business.

But I didn’t say no. I said yes. And over the rest of this article, I’m going to tell you why I’m excited for the Nitrogen Fearless Week and why I want you to get excited about it too.

Why I (Usually) Don’t Like Digital Conferences

Real quick, before we get to the hype—let’s talk about the average digital conference so you can see how Fearless Week is going to be different.

I’ve attended a handful of digital conferences in the past and while I wouldn’t say any of them were terrible, I wouldn’t classify any of them as a great experience, for a few main reasons.

Most often, digital conferences try to emulate exactly what an in-person event would be like. So the sessions are wall-to-wall all day, with some strange networking breaks in between. You either get lumped into a chat room where you can’t tell who’s online and paying attention and who isn’t, or you go into an awkward video call encounter.

What most digital events don’t understand is that you can’t replicate an in-person event through a virtual medium. You have to work to create a separate experience.

You really can’t emulate the serendipity that can occur during an event in-person where you accidentally bump into an old friend or make a new one by chance.

Nitrogen is not making the mistake of trying to create a digital event that copies what the Nitrogen Fearless Investing Summit would have been. They recognize that the two mediums are different, and they require a different approach.

Because of that innovative way of thinking about things, I’m hyped about what Fearless Week will look like.

(And come on, has Nitrogen ever done you dirty before? I didn’t think so.)

3 Reasons Why Nitrogen Fearless Week is Different (and You Should Attend)

Let’s leave the subpar digital events behind and focus the attention on three reasons why I’m excited about Fearless Week—and why you should be too.

1. A Killer Speaker Lineup
It wouldn’t be a RIskalyze event if the speaker lineup wasn’t stacked with amazing executives and thought-leaders from across the industry. Check out this small sampling of who you’ll hear from:


Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management
Abby Salameh, CMO of Hightower Advisors
Joel Bruckenstein, Co-founder of T3 Technology Tools for Today
Meb Faber, Owner of Cambria Investment Management
Samantha Russell, CMO of Twenty Over Ten (and recent InvestmentNews 40    under 40 winner)
Asia Martin, Reporter at
Bill Simonet, Managing Principal at Simonet Financial Group
Ron Carson, CEO at Carson Group

I could keep going—literally, I should list every person because it is an all-star roster of the best speakers. The best part is that you get to listen to them all from your office chair or living room couch. No masks required.


2. It’s Crazy Affordable
I don’t know if this can be emphasized enough. While some other, unnamed digital conferences are charging as much as they would for their in-person version (or almost as much) the team at Nitrogen has decided to open up the Fearless Investing movement for no cost to the first 2,000 advisors who sign up.

After those 2,000 advisors, it’s only $99. I’ve seen some digital conferences adding to the 9’s in that price and asking for $999 for less content than Fearless Week will provide.

There’s no drawback to registering and attending only the sessions you want to watch. If you can’t make a session, you’ll have on-demand access after Fearless Week wraps up so you can catch up on anything you miss.

It is the definition of “win-win.”

3. Fun!
Some digital conferences can feel like a bunch of webinars strung together. Fearless Week will decidedly not be like that.

There’s a unique experiential event each day of the week. Tuesday you’ve got a virtual wine tasting, Wednesday and Thursday you’ve got Happy Hours hosted by FA Match and Females and Finance, and then Friday you’ve got Industry Trivia Night.

You’ve got some morning activities—like a home workout with an Olympic gold medalist (who is it? It’s a surprise!).

I’m not personally sure exactly how these events will work, but I know there’s care and attention to detail going on behind the scenes for each so I’m looking forward to participating in all of them with you.

Being “together apart” is the theme of 2020, and these fun activities are going to emphasize the “together” aspect of life.

If you’re still reading this and you didn’t stop halfway through to go sign up for Fearless Week, then right now is absolutely the time to get it done (so click the link).

I hope you can feel my enthusiasm for this event bursting through the page. I hope I “see” you there.

Johnny Sandquist is the founder and CEO of Three Crowns Copywriting and Marketing, a content marketing firm for financial advisors and fintech.

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