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Making Portfolios Faster, Smarter and More Flexible

Today, we’re excited to launch a big upgrade to Nitrogen that has been months in the making: a faster, smarter and more flexible Portfolios tool.

Frankly, some of our advisors will be shocked that any upgrade was needed, but an equal number of them have had to deal with some cumbersome and slow workarounds to handle the diverse situations that clients can throw their way. We’re confident both groups of advisors are going to love this upgrade!

Here’s how the new Portfolios is faster, smarter and more flexible.

    • Multiple Accounts. Split portfolios into multiple accounts, import one account at a time from different custodians, and manage SMAs and VAs with a click.

    • Separately Managed Accounts and Variable Annuities. We’re adding 10,000 third party money managers and 130,000 VA subaccounts to Nitrogen. This will be a free upgrade for all of our existing customers at the time of release.

    • Notifications for Young Investments. As we’ve always said, it’s tough to be sure you’ve nailed all of the downside risk of an investment that’s never seen a true bear market. A simple icon lets you see those — and set a proxy if you want.

    • Better Search. Don’t remember the symbol? Search for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, VAs, SMAs and more by name. Just type what you’re looking for into the “add investment” box at the bottom of each account.

    • Flexible Optimizer. Using the optimizer tool isn’t an all-or-nothing deal any more. When you click on Optimize, you can select which investments you want to optimize against each other, and review the results. It’s easy to either save the results, or undo them and roll back to the portfolio’s prior allocations.

    • Amazing Stress Tests. An all-new stress testing engine offers a simple and beautiful look at how a portfolio might have performed during key market events, like the 2008-09 financial crisis or the 2013 bull market.

    • Portfolios have never looked so sharp or been so fast. As part of a broader redesign coming later in the summer, the new Portfolios has fresher colors, a sharper design and is even easier to use — all while maintaining the great features our advisors love. And yes — it’s WAY faster, especially on larger portfolios.

If you’re an advisor interested in checking out all of the new features, join us for an upcoming guided tour at We’d love to have you.

If you’re already a Nitrogen customer, you’ve already been upgraded with the new Portfolios. Please don’t be shy with your feedback — we want to know what we can improve, what you like and what you love!

Thanks for being one of our amazing customers. We love continuing to innovate, and being a small part of your success.

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