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Michael McDaniel Joins Nitrogen as Chief Investment Officer

Nitrogen is a company that started with investment advisors as some of our earliest backers and supporters. One of those wealth managers, Michael McDaniel, was particularly instrumental in our growth and development, helping to architect key decisions at the core of the product and serving as a Senior Advisor to the company.


Today, we’re excited to announce that Mike has joined Nitrogen as Chief Investment Officer and a member of our executive leadership team. In that role, he will oversee all of the product decisions that are affected by investment philosophy, all market-driven communications and product direction, research, and methodology practices, distribution efforts with asset managers, and our innovative Advisor Success program that has been such an asset to so many advisors.

Mike is a risk manager at heart, and in addition to his role as our CIO, Mike continues as a practicing advisor, managing the assets of high net worth clients at McDaniel Wealth Management since 2005. The firm recently completed its transition from the brokerage/hybrid model, and is now a fee-only registered investment advisory firm.

With his focus as a risk manager, Mike was able to help his clients navigate the dot com crash and the 2009 financial crisis, and still managed to grow his assets under management. Between his own practice and supervisorial work as an OSJ, he has managed or supervised over $200 million in assets.

Mike and his family reside in Auburn, California. In his role at Nitrogen, Mike will oversee all decisions that are affected by investment philosophy, market-driven communications, research or methodology practices, and distribution efforts with asset managers.Besides turning advisors into risk managers, Mike’s passions are cheering on his athletic wife and his two daughters. He can be found in his vineyard, orchard, garden, or fly fishing in Wyoming rivers. We’re incredibly excited to have him aboard in a more defined and active role at Nitrogen.

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