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Nitrogen Announces General Availability of Asset Sync

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the wide availability of an exciting feature we’ve been testing for some time – the ability for advisors to seamlessly sync in outside assets for prospects and
active clients. Starting today, advisors will be able to import an investor’s outside assets from over 18,000 connections from thousands of financial institutions.

With a simple slide of the keyboard, advisors can now let prospects rapidly enter credentials to sync and calculate their current portfolio’s Risk Number. If the advisor is working with the client remotely, the advisor can send a simple sync request to the investor’s inbox.

Nitrogen has been uniquely capable of helping advisors demonstrate a lack of alignment between a prospective client’s assets and their Risk Number. Advisors pinpoint how much risk a client wants, how much risk a client needs to take to reach their goals, and how much risk they currently have in their portfolio. Four out of five prospective clients usually discover they have more risk than they need or want to reach their goals — they want to be a 46, but their portfolio is an 89.

For months Nitrogen has been using its Asset Sync solution, powered by Quovo, in its Autopilot digital advice platform. Now the power of Asset Sync is widely available to Nitrogen users. Up until now, advisors have spent 2-3 minutes keying the holdings of the investor’s current portfolio into Nitrogen. With Asset Sync, advisors may never have to manually enter an outside portfolio again.

The Asset Sync feature will also allow advisors to stay on top of a client’s held-away assets, pointing out when those assets are misaligned with a client’s Risk Number, and creating opportunities to discuss growing their business with that client.

Asset Sync can be enabled by every Nitrogen user today through the add-ons tab in the settings menu. This feature will be free of charge for every customer through July 31 (some usage restrictions may apply). After August 1, Solo and legacy plan customers can use Asset Sync for $20/month; Team and Enterprise customers can enable it for free. All customers will pay a simple $1 for each client institution, either one-time or per-month for ongoing sync.

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