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T3 Advisor Software Survey Results

At the T3 Advisor Conference, Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres unveiled the results from their annual technology survey that was designed to answer the most essential and basic questions that interested parties might have about the software/ service solutions in the investment advisory space.

This includes questions like: Which are the most popular tech solutions in each category, and how much market share do each of the programs enjoy among the population of potential users? Which solutions are gaining market share, and which are falling back? What programs and services are advisory firms looking at switching to in the coming 12 months (as a potential leading indicator of future market share)? And more! The answers to these questions will help industry participants better understand the competitive landscape of tech solutions, where they stand, how satisfied is their user base, and where there may be significant opportunities.

We’re deeply honored by the trust that advisors place in the Risk Number®. According to the survey, the Risk Tolerance category is “still dominated by one program,” and Nitrogen tops the Economic Analysis and Stress Testing Tools category as well.

“Nitrogen’s Stats/Scenarios program, which was rolled out as we were conducting last year’s survey, has seen its market share go up, and it is now being used by roughly twice as many advisors as the next-most-popular tool…It is not surprising that the market leader—Nitrogen’s Stats/Scenarios program—also leads among the programs that advisors are considering.”

Deeply honored by the trust and support our advisors place in us. We know that we earn that “pulling away” status EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Hearts full, heads down, still innovating, won’t stop!
— Aaron Klein (@AaronKlein) February 25, 2020

The survey signals that our customer satisfaction numbers continue to rise year-over-year, and we owe that to the financial professionals we work with. We can’t make a bad advisor look good, but we love helping the brilliance of amazing advisors shine through.


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