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Year in Review: Five Reasons We’re Going into 2021 Fearlessly

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone, and what a year it has been! In addition to sharing 2020 by the numbers, I thought I’d drop a note to share some thoughts and say thank you.

We’ve certainly had our fair share of positive moments in 2020, but the nature of being “together apart” also has to influence the way we see the successes of the year that’s now almost behind us.

As we go into 2021, we’re thankful for the advisors who have chosen to partner with us to introduce their clients to the fearless investing mindset, and the many Nitros who make it all possible.

A hard year that was full of unexpected ups and downs makes it all the more necessary to pause and be thankful for the good things that did come our way.

Here are the top five moments that made us in 2020.



Advisors Respond to Market Volatility with Unprecedented Compassion

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented change to how we live and engage with each other.

Being able to serve investors during a time of crisis—instead of running the other way—is what makes advisors so special. And providing that service with optimism, gratitude, and perspective makes a difference not only in an investor’s immediate life, but in their family’s future as well.

One bad investment decision can have ramifications years on down the line.

But this year as pressure mounted and markets dived, advisors everywhere held fast and kept clients accountable and invested—and the markets soared to all-time highs later in the year to reward those who kept the faith.

Team Nitrogen stepped in with a Market Volatility Toolkit to provide support and assistance for advisors who were suddenly taking calls at all hours of the day and wanted some client communication support.


Nitros Deliver Service from Every Corner of the Map

Advisors found themselves in uncharted territory because of COVID-19, and so did a majority of other businesses in the world—including Nitrogen.

When shutdowns loomed in California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and everywhere else Nitros serve advisors, we knew we had to adapt. We also knew that adaptation couldn’t mean a drop in service to the advisors on the front lines.

We’re proud to say that one of the best memories in 2020 for us as a company was witnessing how our Nitros rose to the occasion and responded to COVID-19 with enthusiasm and elevated effort to serve advisors from wherever we found ourselves: Small houses, large ones, apartments, farmhouses—you name it, they were there.


A Fearless Summit Turns into a Fearless Week

Advisor conferences got cancelled left and right in 2020, and we decided to postpone the annual Fearless Investing Summit that was originally supposed to be held in Palm Springs.

But our events team decided to turn a challenge into an opportunity. And instead of simply broadcasting our original Summit program, we built a brand-new event tailored to digital engagement, and the advisor celebration that ensued turned into our favorite week of the year.

The event was different than anything we’ve ever done, but also rewarding in all new ways. Hosting over 3,000 advisors for live-streamed content, global networking, and group sessions is something we’ll never forget.


Nitrogen Recognized for Innovation

We don’t work to win awards, but recognition from peers and influential industry leaders is a nice addition to the kind words we hear from our advisors.

This year, we were honored to take home three trophies at the Industry Awards! We were delighted to be named the winners of Innovation Platform for Nitrogen Trading as well as still #1 in Risk Tolerance and Client Profiling.

And we didn’t just win for technology—we won with our people. Our CTO, Matt Pistone, was awarded the Technology CTO of the Year. Way to go, Matt.

And at InvestmentNews’ annual Icons and Innovators event, I was honored to be named an Innovator, and Nitrogen was recognized as the Innovative Large Fintech Firm amongst Orion and Envestnet—company we’ve always admired and respected.


No Gift Swaps for this Holiday Trading Offer

The end of the year is a wildly busy time for us all. We don’t want any advisors to sacrifice time with their friends and family because they’re stuck in their office working through a spreadsheet to try and get client trades placed and accounts rebalanced before 2020 is gone.

We decided to do something about it, so we’re offering free rebalancing in Nitrogen for the season. There are no strings attached. If you like it, you can keep using it. If you don’t, you saved time on rebalancing your accounts in the wildest year. Platform access is still being activated for the few weeks, so reach out to a Nitro if you’d like to give it a shot — it’s easy, it’s fast, and you can do it.



We’d Love to See You!

Next year we’re planning on hosting that Palm Springs experience we’ve been looking forward to to go back to an in-person experience, and you can get your early tickets here now to make sure you don’t miss the return of the Fearless Investing Summit.



New Year, New Loading Messages

We work hard to keep Nitrogen’s load times snappy, and one of our biggest priorities in 2021 is bringing our analytics to a lightning-fast level.

But sometimes when you’ve got to calculate 6 trillion non-uniform reticulated B-splines, it takes a moment. And in that moment, that’s where we’re now surfacing our class-of-2021 loading messages. So be on the lookout for some new gems like:

“Wrapping up a Zoom call…”


“Risk Number 100 exists, but only if you really believe.”


“Electricity would make our servers go faster, but we’re in California.”

…and dozens more.


We’re Here When You Need Us

Our incredible team of Success Coaches is ready to help you master all things Nitrogen. If you’d like, you can schedule a complimentary, one-on-one call to learn about specific features and master best practices.


Before we wrap up, we want to express one more time our gratitude for the thousands of firms that trust us to help them create an investment experience that leads their clients to a less fearful and more confident place.

We’re constantly in awe of the noble work you do.

So from the bottom of our hearts — thank you — for empowering a fearful world to invest fearlessly.


Aaron Klein
CEO at Riskalyze

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