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One true source of risk

At Nitrogen, we’re about driving absolute alignment between advisors and their clients. And the Risk Number establishes a common language between home offices, advisors, and clients around risk and investments. It quantifies the level of risk that the client’s portfolio should be targeting and drives conversations about alignment between risk tolerance and investment choices, while giving home offices insight into the entire organization at a glance.

Empowered by our proprietary Risk Number to pinpoint risk capacity, risk tolerance, or simply set a target, advisors can document and demonstrate alignment as the true source of risk across CRM, portfolio management systems, financial plans, and more!


A proven way to grow your AUM

At Nitrogen, we call it “the ACAT form moment.” When your advisors deliver state-of-the art proposals built upon the Risk Number, prospects simply ‘get it.’

Now you can empower advisors to grow their businesses, and do so within the guardrails you provide. Home offices can white list or black list securities, set up an approved marketplace of models, and guide advisors toward success in proposing risk-aligned solutions.

And it doesn’t stop there, Nitrogen offers a variety of useful reports and proposals to assist with client meetings and setting expectations. These powerful tools allow advisors to convey portfolio risk in a simple, elegant fashion with a focus on the bigger picture, their advisory value, and cements their interest in an investor’s financial future.


In-depth analytics highlight advisor brilliance

Nitrogen Elite provides advisors with an additional analytical tool set to engage with data-driven clients and help them make the right decisions.

Our detailed analytics are built from the security level up, empowering your advisors with the data needed to analyze every US stock, ETF, mutual fund, 130,000 VA sub-accounts, 10,000 SMA and third-party money managers, alternatives, and more.

When your advisors are equip with fast, “risk done right” analytics and reports, it becomes that much easier to consolidate technology spend and retire your legacy solutions

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Introducing the Advisor Portfolio Execution Option

It’s the best of both worlds. Data shows that advisors who manage their own portfolios tend to underperform, get too risky, use thinly-traded securities, and hate their outdated, inefficient technology platforms.
On the other side — when you opt for outsourced asset management, you lose control of the assets and are stuck dealing with less than optimal economics for you and your clients.

With Nitrogen Trading, your advisors don’t have to choose between being a fiduciary and running an efficient practice. Now they can seamlessly shift between operating for scale and acting with surgeon-like precision on their accounts.

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Finally, advisors and compliance on the same page

Empower your compliance teams to get proactive before the regulators do. With Nitrogen Compliance, our all-in-one enterprise solution, home offices can take the drivers seat with intelligent business insights, compliance tools, and firm customizations that allows home offices, advisors, and clients to standardize a common language around risk.

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By the Numbers


The number #1 risk solution in wealth management is used by 4x as many advisors as all other solutions combined.


We work with 154+ broker-dealers, RIAs, asset managers, custodians, and clearing firms who use the Nitrogen platform to deliver a world-class experience to their advisors.


With over 1M securities, we’re the only one who built risk analysis the hard way — the right way — by using security-level risk assessment as the building block.


See what home offices are saying

See how one bank increased wallet share by $41M with Nitrogen.

With Nitrogen, Phil's team of advisors have won more clients, deepened client relationships, and helped clients better understand risk amidst market volatility.

President of RIA Burgess Wealth Advisory Passed a Surprise Audit in Record Time With Nitrogen

How the sole owner and operator of an RIA passed a thorough State Corporate Commission audit in one hour—without breaking a sweat.

Nitrogen Helps Independent RIA & Broker-Dealer With $3B+ AUM Set The Bar For Fiduciary Care

Founders Financial Securities surpasses SEC Regulation, elevates compliance, and documents best interest at the highest level with Riskalyze at the core of its tech stack and client experience.


Arm your offices with the support and service they deserve

Our implementation experts will guide your team to design an engaging experience that’s flexible, scalable, and cost effective. Dedicated Relationship Managers and Support Coaches provide a white-glove experience for your home office as well as comprehensive training and success coaching for the advisors you serve.

Customer Care

Nitrogen Customer Care provides product support for financial professionals and enterprise points of contact. Support is available 12 hours per day, 5 days per week via phone, email, or live chat within Nitrogen.

Success Coaches

Nitrogen Coaches are available for 1:1 scheduled training sessions to help financial professionals accomplish specific goals. Coaches can help further integrate Nitrogen into financial professional’s practice.

Relationship Manager

Dedicated relationship managers support home office contacts. They’re responsible for helping you drive adoption, stay aligned strategically, reach your goals, and have a delightful experience along the way.


Unify Your Tech Stack with a Best-In-Class Experience

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you. High growth firms use their technology efficiently and often. That’s why Nitrogen integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, enabling real-time insights and client visibility. When it comes to your technology stack, rest assured that Nitrogen will fit right in.

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Equip advisors to empower fearless investing

Your enterprise is unique, and we’re here to help. Let’s build the right solution for your home office, branches, and advisors.

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