Nitrogen + Charles Schwab

Sync your custodial data from Schwab Advisor Center straight into your Nitrogen account! Now, advisors can make real-time, data-driven decisions using Nitrogen’s analytics while benefiting from a streamlined client management system.

Included in:
  • Custodians
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How it Works

Advisors can import new client profiles and link existing ones from Nitrogen into Charles Schwab. The best part: once you’re connected, Nitrogen automatically pulls account holdings on a daily basis to ensure everything is kept up to date.

Integration Includes:

  • The ability to pull holdings: sync client account holdings from Schwab into Nitrogen on a regular basis. Every time you log in to Nitrogen, you should see the client’s up-to-date holdings in that client’s active portfolio.
  • Create Nitrogen client profiles from a Schwab client account
  • Link existing Nitrogen clients into a Schwab client account


Get Nitrogen and Charles Schwab integrated

The first step towards integrating your client accounts is to request permission to have your data sent to Nitrogen. This can be accomplished by logging into Schwab Advisor Center and completing a new ‘Request for Data Access Agreement,’ which can be found under the Forms and Applications page.


Learn More

To learn more about using the Nitrogen and Charles Schwab integration, visit our knowledge base article, or contact us.


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