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Nitrogen is the Growth Platform

Designed to attract, retain, and grow

Nitrogen invented the Risk Number®, which sits at the heart of the Growth Platform and harnesses advanced behavioral psychology to help financial advisors and firms accelerate growth and retention, and quantify compliance across the firm. Get started today!

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What You Can Expect with Nitrogen

Attract and Convert Ideal Clients

Firms using the Nitrogen growth platform have improved prospect close rate from 40% to 94%. When prospects see the power of risk alignment working in their favor, advisors quickly close deals.

Drive a Personalized Experience at Scale

"My clients have complete confidence in their plan. As they drive the conversation instead of me and fully understand how the investments are chosen to help them achieve their goals. This experience that Riskalyze has given me has only gotten better under Nitrogen." - Domenick, Advisor in New York

Turn Compliance into an Opportunity

Work collaboratively with your advisors to maintain compliance across your firm’s entire book of business. Every action your advisors and operations staff take becomes proof to auditors that your firm is on track.


Unify Your Tech Stack with a Best-In-Class Experience

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you. High growth firms use their technology efficiently and often. That’s why Nitrogen integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, enabling real-time insights and client visibility. When it comes to your technology stack, rest assured that Nitrogen will fit right in.

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Nitrogen Academy is the self-directed learning platform at your fingertips 24/7. Now, you can certify yourself with a library of lessons full of interactive media, and it’s all included in your Nitrogen subscription.

Pro Tip: Brand new to Nitrogen? Try the “Getting Started with Nitrogen” learning path.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how about a video? From Live Training 101 you can watch on demand at any time, to an ongoing series of best-practice online webinars, our Customer Success Team has an event invitation right inside of your Nitrogen account. Missed an online event and want to watch the replay? Check out our online event recordings.

Need some extra guidance? The industry’s best customer care team has your back. Your quickest bet is using the live chat feature under the Help button inside of Nitrogen, and we’re pretty fast in our email inboxes as well. Want to hop on the phone? We’re standing by during business hours at (530) 748-1660.

Nitrogen Labs

Whether you’re brand new starting out with the growth platform for wealth management firms, or an advanced user looking to dive deep into leveraging the Risk Number with your clients, we’re here to help.

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