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Increase client acquisition with the Nitrogen Growth Platform

The average wealth management firm isn’t growing as it should. In fact, the standard market-adjusted growth rate is 3%, and only 20% of financial advisory firms are high-performing in terms of growth and profitability. That’s why Nitrogen has built the world’s first Growth Platform, a bridge between your marketing and asset platform, helping your firm stand out from the competition, win prospects faster, and build a differentiated client experience.

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Generate more leads than ever before

There’s a reason why so many of the best wealth management firms, including half of the Top Barron’s Firms, trust the only purpose-built Growth Platform to drive their results. The evidence is clear: thousands of firms have achieved unprecedented growth with Nitrogen. 3 out of 4 advisors saw their book of business grow more than $1M after 90 days of using the platform, and firms have improved prospect close rates from 40% to 94%.

Turn your firm into a magnet for high value clients

With Nitrogen, your team has access to powerful marketing tools that attract your ideal clients. From the Advisor Marketing Kit to the Nitrogen content-generating AI, to our risk tolerance questionnaire that makes your website a lead-generating machine, let Nitrogen go to work for you, bringing potential clients to your firm. Your advisors can stop being salespeople and focus on what matters most: clients.

Streamline your prospecting process

Having a winning proposal process is one of the top advisor growth strategies but is difficult for firms to achieve. With Nitrogen, converting prospects into loyal clients with perfectly crafted proposals has never been easier. Your team can implement a proven process to build portfolios with the perfect amount of risk every time, empowering your advisors to feel confident and your prospects to invest fearlessly. Win more clients with proposals through the Nitrogen Growth Platform.

Make every meeting count

Imagine a world where all your firm’s meetings are seamless, efficient, and trust-building. With Nitrogen, this can be a reality. Use Risk Assessments to help manage client expectations in every meeting and turn prospects into loyal clients. One advisor, Virginia, puts it this way: “The risk questionnaire actually helps us win prospects because by answering the questions, prospects can experience an immediate and subconscious buy-in.” Another advisor, P.J., said, “Nitrogen is part of every client conversation we have.”

See how our powerful client acquisition solution drives firm growth

Equity Concepts has a 90% Close Rate Using Nitrogen

For advisors at Equity Concepts, Nitrogen is fundamental to helping clients understand their risk tolerance.

Advisor Wins 8-Figure Client and Projects 40% Growth in One Year with Nitrogen

Advisor Clint Potts has integrity, trust, and decades of expertise to thank for the continuous growth of his firm, as he helps clients invest for the long haul and leverages Nitrogen for third-party validation.

Firm Experiences 15% Increase in Prospects with Nitrogen

Virginia Harriett and Michael Harriett increase their firm’s efficiency, attract more clients, and have better client conversations with Nitrogen as a central part of their tech stack.

Top Nitrogen client acquisition features


Efficiently build and deliver the best recommendations to your prospects and clients that they’ll buy into immediately.

Advisor Marketing Kit

Engage prospects and clients by leveraging an abundance of customizable marketing resources.

Lead Generation Questionnaire

Drop a simple link onto your website or email signature to turn it into an interactive risk analysis tool and a lead capturing machine.

Risk Tolerance
Risk Assessments

Set the best expectations with every client by evaluating their risk tolerance from day one.

Asset Sync
Outside Asset Sync

Seamlessly import thousands of outside assets, and gain instant and secure insights into your prospects’ held-away accounts.

Retirement Plans
Retirement Plans

Build trust by acquiring a client’s 401k, aligning it with their retirement goal, and proving you can manage all their accounts.

Nitrogen Integrations


Connect across your firm’s technology

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you

Advisors and firms love how easily Nitrogen integrates with their existing technology, enabling real-time insights and client visibility. The Nitrogen API and Nitrogen data connectors allow for easy integration with popular CRMs, portfolio management systems, trading platforms, your firm’s own data lake or warehouse, and 40+ other technology providers.

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Powerful Integrations:

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See for yourself how the Nitrogen Growth Platform can help your firm win prospects faster, drive a personalized client experience at scale, attract and retain the best talent, increase firmwide efficiency, and turn compliance into an opportunity.

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