Client Engagement


Scale a Personalized Client Experience

Crafting a tailored, high-quality, client experience is an integral part of your firm’s growth. With Nitrogen, your team can develop a deep understanding of each client’s unique needs, and establish client engagement processes that multiply across your entire team of advisors to reach every client, every time.

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Adopt a repeatable process that delights every client

Creating a personalized experience for each client can be difficult without a process in place. With Nitrogen’s integrated workflows and comprehensive client engagement process from proposal to portfolio management, your team of advisors will be equipped to handle a large volume of clients while maintaining a consistently high level of service quality. Nitrogen provides financial advisory firms with the tools advisors need to create tailored experiences that delight and empower clients at scale.

Build trust and maintain long-term relationships

Your team of advisors can now unlock the secret to client retention. With Nitrogen, managing client expectations has never been easier through risk assessments, and keeping a pulse on your client’s satisfaction is automated via regular check-ins. Your clients can feel confident in your firm’s advice, no matter their level of financial knowledge. Nitrogen helps your firm increase trust between clients and advisors, retain your clients for the long haul, and create raving fans who will recommend your services to others.

Stop clients from ever wanting to leave

When clients see the power of risk working in their favor, receive proactive communication from their advisor, and are empowered to become fearless investors, they will never want to move their portfolio to another firm. In fact, they’ll refer their friends and loved ones to your team. One firm leader and financial advisor, Ed Burgio, put it best when he said, “Clients don’t want to leave because they see how all their investments are built on their unique Risk Number®, working together for their benefit.”

a powerful tool for firms

See how firms drive success with our client engagement solution

See how real wealth management firms turned engagement into an opportunity.

“When We Talk About Risk, My Clients Just Get it Now”

Nitrogen Trading gave an advisor hours back each week, providing accuracy, efficiency, reduced cost, and happy clients.

Nitrogen Helped Boutique Firm to Grow by Millions in Assets in One Year Despite Economic Downturn

After the market took a sudden downturn over the 2018 holiday season, this one advisor received a series of concerned phone calls – not from worried clients, but from prospective ones.

Fast-Growing Advisor Attributes $20M+ Revenue Increase to Using Nitrogen

Charlotte implemented Nitrogen Elite across her newly rebranded wealth management firm and uses it to standardize her process, engage clients, and scale the business.

Top Nitrogen client engagement features


Check-Ins is an automated behavioral coaching tool that allows you, the advisor, to take the pulse of your clients on a regular basis.

Client-Friendly Reports

Advisors can show clients exactly what they need to see in an easy-to-understand way, and the home office can set the precedent for the report experience.

Risk Assessments

Document your fiduciary care with every client and set the best expectations by evaluating their risk tolerance with the proprietary Risk Number®.

Scenarios & Stress Tests

Run portfolios through historical events to help clients understand what it means to control risk or beat the market. Analyze portfolios through a market timeline and compare it to just the right benchmark to make your point.

Retirement Maps & Timeline

Bring all of your data together in one place by syncing your firm’s account data across your tech stack, and kickstart light financial planning.

Detailed Portfolio Stats

Access the best stats and conduct an in-depth analysis in order to build the best portfolios your clients can trust.

Nitrogen Integrations


Connect across your firm’s technology

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you

Advisors and firms love how easily Nitrogen integrates with their existing technology, enabling real-time insights and client visibility. The Nitrogen API and Nitrogen data connectors allow for easy integration with popular CRMs, portfolio management systems, trading platforms, your firm’s own data lake or warehouse, and 40+ other technology providers.

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Powerful Integrations:

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See for yourself how the Nitrogen Growth Platform can help your firm win prospects faster, drive a personalized client experience at scale, attract and retain the best talent, increase firmwide efficiency, and turn compliance into an opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are some effective strategies for engaging and retaining clients in the wealth management industry?

At Nitrogen, we understand the importance of engaging and retaining clients for firms and advisors–it’s what we do best! We believe that building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients is key to your success. We recommend a number of effective strategies for engaging and retaining clients starting with implementing a growth platform. We offer a risk-first growth platform that helps your firm win prospects faster, build a differentiated client experience, attract and retain the best talent, and turn compliance into a profit center. Generating and converting high-quality leads, managing client expectations, understanding your clients’ needs and goals, and tailoring your services accordingly have never been easier. At Nitrogen, we provide tools and resources to help your firm achieve these outcomes and more. With our support, you can build lasting relationships with your clients and take your business to the next level. Learn more about the Nitrogen Growth Platform today.