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Turn compliance into your firm’s biggest opportunity.

Finally, advisors and compliance teams can agree on how to engage clients.

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How This Benefits Everyone In Your Firm
  • Financial Advisors

    Compliance empowers supervisors to review portfolios and alert advisors of issues. When those advisors take immediate action on the accounts that need it most, you retain the revenue that is most at risk.

  • Compliance Personnel

    Gone are the days of manual account spot-checking. Compliance empowers your team with the tools to fly through thousands of accounts at a glance and take action on accounts that need attention.

  • Firm Executives

    Keep the regulators away. Now your team can spend less time finding problems and more time solving them.

Benefits of a
Compliance Solution

Business Oversight

Analyze every holding in your entire book of business at the account or household level.

Pinpoint Misalignment

See which accounts have inappropriate investments, concentrated positions, or are out of alignment with their target.

Flag Issues

Search and filter to find accounts that need attention.

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Seamlessly bring in your data…

Sync your firm’s account data, define the objective ranges for your firm, and let us bring that data together.

…and instantly know how much of your book is aligned (or misaligned).

All of a sudden, you have a dynamic view into your entire book of business, and we can help you fly through thousands of accounts to find just the ones you need to focus on.

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