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Emmitt Smith
NFL Legend
Michael Kitces
Samantha Russell
Samantha Russell
Chief Evangelist, FMG Suite
Glen Jackson
Financial Advisor, The Investment Center
Jon Acuff
New York Times Bestselling Author
Dusty Slay
Justin Boatman
Chief Product Officer, Nitrogen
Sara Baker
President, Triad Wealth Partners
Stephanie Walker
Managing Director, Nitrogen
Shannon Spotswood
President, RFG Advisory
Rachel El Ali
AVP of Sales, Nitrogen
Josh Gray
CTO, Nitrogen
Tina Powell
Partner & Chief of Community,
Zachary Mersberger
Partner at Merit Financial Advisors
Mary Kate Gulick
CMO, EVP Marketing & PR Services at Ficomm Partners
Christine Simone
CEO, Caribou
Stephanie Moore
Senior Advisor Coach, Nitrogen
Leila Shaver
Founder, My RIA Lawyer
Chris Quandt
Success Engagement Manager, Nitrogen
Nick Harding
SVP of Advisor Care and Success, Nitrogen
Mitch Dunn
Managing Director, Nitrogen
Joy Lere
Co-Founder, Shaping Wealth
Luke Cook
Advisor Success and Coaching Manager, Nitrogen
Bonnie Kirchner
Owner, Seachange Financial
Dan Zitting
CEO, Nitrogen
Monet Diamante
VP of Account Management, Nitrogen
Matt Halloran
Co-founder and CRO, ProudMouth
Chris Cardoso
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nitrogen
Jillian Leong
Growth Marketing Manager, Nitrogen
Aaron Klein
Co-Founder & Board Member, Nitrogen
Bill Sullivan
VP of Relationship Management, Nitrogen
Grace Bryan
Director of Marketing, InvestorCOM
Domenick D'Andrea
Co-Founder and Financial Advisor, Dandarah Wealth Management
Samantha David
Enterprise Relationship Manager, Nitrogen
Sheryl Hickerson
Founder and CEO, Females & Finance
Brian Gelfuso
VP of Talent, Nitrogen
Andrew Altfest
Founder and CEO, FP Alpha
Burt White
Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Carson Group
Craig Iskowitz
Founder and CEO, Ezra Group
Jamie Hopkins
CEO, Bryn Mawr Capital Management
Rich Cancro
Founder and CEO, AdvisorEngine
Debra Taylor
Founder, Taylor Financial Group

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