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If you have Nitrogen, you have the Partner Store, your one-stop collection of world-class models available right in your Nitrogen account. Take a look at how AlphaDroid can fit seamlessly into your practice.

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Nitrogen’s Partner Store gives thousands of firms access to the industry’s best strategies and research, and it was named “Best Model Marketplace” at’s annual industry awards event.

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Whenever AlphaDroid updates their models, you get real-time alerts. You can accept those changes, ignore them, or edit them to your heart’s content, and push those updates across your client accounts instantly.

Rebrand Models and Make Them Your Own

Model subscriptions are designed to let your brand shine. Whether you’re directly following AlphaDroid strategies or you’ve customized them entirely, you can rename any model in Nitrogen to reflect your business.

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AlphaDroid, the AlphaSheet, and the AlphaDailyBrief are services of SumGrowth, Inc. founded in 2009 with a mission to develop advanced momentum and risk mitigation investment models that help advisors more successfully attract and retain clients. Our technology is the result of over three decades of low-noise signal processing R&D that more reliably selects equity momentum leaders during bull markets and more reliably selects defensive momentum leaders during bear markets. Today, the company’s cloud-based server processes over 25,000 subscriber strategies and portfolios daily. Please view the Overview video below to see what low-noise defensive momentum can do for you.

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