Core values we live and work by

Our mission — empowering the world to invest fearlessly — is fueled by 4 core values.

Customer Driven
  • Don’t just do what customers say — boldly delight them with incredible results.
  • Think through the lens of fearless investing — if investors do well, our customers win.
  • Make a focused impact on firms, advisors and investors, instead of trying to boil the ocean.
Heart of a Champion
  • Execute with a growth mindset — innovate, be curious, and compound every day.
  • We are driven to win — for our customers, our teammates, and our investors.
  • Respect all backgrounds — no mercenaries, jerks, narcissists, or victim mentality people.
Team of Leaders
  • Own quality outcomes — create clarity, generate energy, and find a way to get things done.
  • Ideas and data beat rank and title — we always put team over ego.
  • Everyone all-in when we disagree; everyone all-in when it’s time to commit.
Authentic Transparency
  • Open, direct, respectful, and transparent communication is our rocket fuel.
  • We tell the truth, and have ears to hear it, even when it's hard.
  • Our reputation rests on objective methodology — never compromise it.

“At Nitrogen, we’re on a mission to empower the world to invest fearlessly. We believe in building incredible technology that enables transformative outcomes for financial advisors and their clients. And we only get there by building an amazing team that consistently lives and operates by a set of strong core values.”