Track your firm’s growth, retention, and proposals with ease

Unlock firmwide controls and let Command Center monitor the risk and growth of your entire AUM. 

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Get insight into every aspect of your firm
  • Financial Advisors

    Command Center empowers supervisors to review portfolios, flag accounts, and alert advisors. When those advisors take immediate action on the accounts that need it most, you retain the revenue that is most at risk.

  • Firm Owners

    Gone are the days of manual spot-checking. Command Center empowers your team with the tools to fly through thousands of accounts, households, and proposals and take action on what needs attention.

  • Enterprise Executives

    Keep the regulators away. Now your team can spend less time finding problems and more time solving them.

Benefits of Command Center

Track Your Business Growth

You can’t grow what you can’t measure. With Command Center, you’re prepared to make stronger long-term decisions for your business.

Go From Reactive to Proactive

Instantly see which accounts and households are out of alignment and take action when issues arise.

Deliver Compliant Proposals

Manage the creation of proposals across your business and measure how many are in alignment with their risk tolerance.

View how much of your book is aligned (or misaligned)

Sync your firm’s account and household data, define the objective ranges for your firm, and let us bring that data together. Now, you have a dynamic holdings view into your entire book of business, and we can help you fly through thousands of accounts to find just the ones you need to focus on.

  • Need to search by advisor name? You can do it.
  • Want to see accounts with a Risk Number of 75-99? Easy.
  • Looking for a client that just joined? No problem.

Now you can easily segment every account in your business to find exactly what you are looking for.

Measure the growth of your firm

With Insights, you’ve got access to powerful growth and risk insights across your AUM. Now you can see how your advisors have grown over time with quick, actionable data.

It’s never been easier to determine which clients have Risk Numbers, which clients are feeling confident in their plan, and which advisors are offering exceptional service to their clients.

Track the delivery of compliant proposals

Command Center has been built from the ground up so you can track growth and retention through the delivery of compliant, aligned, and effective proposals. It’s easy to see how many clients have an aligned Risk Number, how often a proposal is in alignment with the Risk Target, and when form CRS has been delivered.

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