How to drive value with Nitrogen in your firm

Quantifying Risk Tolerance
The old way of stereotyping investors based upon age and categorizing them with semantic terms like “aggressive” or “moderately conservative” just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Reframing Client Expectations
Meet the #1 proposal engine for wealth management firms. Whether your advisors are proposing models, custom strategies, or capturing wallet share from clients, there’s no better growth driver than equipping them with a system to win.
Use Powerful Analytics to Win Clients
Leverage Nitrogen’s proprietary analytics to speed up investment research, provide deep portfolio analytics, and empower advisors to ‘wow’ the most analytical of clients.
Generating Leads
Turn traffic into leads, and leads into clients with the four most powerful words in fintech, “What’s your Risk Number?”
Discovering Great Investments
What happens when you bring together more than a million securities with a powerful search engine? You get Discovery: the best way to do your fund screening.
Monitoring Client Psychology
Retain clients with proven engagement tools. Now, advisors can build a strong foundation with clients and get early warning signals when their psychology needs a little care.
Kick Starting Financial Planning
We all know that building a financial plan is no easy task, and not every client needs the same type of plan. That is where Nitrogen comes in.
Turning Compliance into a Revenue Driver
Whether you’re a Chief Compliance Officer or compliance is one of your many hats at your firm, Command Center has the tools you need to sift through thousands of accounts, find issues before they become problems, and leverage the analytics necessary to get clients back on track.
Measuring Your Firm’s Growth
Leverage the powerful business intelligence to keep you on course. Use the executive dashboard to measure both the growth and risk of your firm’s entire book of business.
Generating Compelling Reports
Reports Builder is your library of elements by which you tell your best stories. Mix, match, and customize reports in a way that treats clients as individuals and gives them just what they need, right when they need it.
Distributing Model Portfolios

Nitrogen empowers you to build and distribute the perfect set of models for your practice with just a few clicks. Now you can manage your business in the real world with models as a true north, tools to adapt them to any proposal, and illustrations to showcase why they’re in the best interest of every one of your clients.