Plan for every possibility

Equip advisors to model risk capacity, time horizon, and long-term probability of success in a way that makes sense to clients. Whether as a precursor to a comprehensive plan, or in lieu of the arduous process, see how Nitrogen’s Planning Center empowers your firm to have meaningful conversations.

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How This Benefits Everyone In Your Firm
  • Financial Advisors

    Illustrate your team’s expertise and start the financial planning process with Retirement Maps. Pull the investment amount, monthly savings, retirement year, monthly withdrawal, and more straight from a client or prospect’s profile and instantly show them their probability of success.

  • Clients & Prospects

    Paint the picture of risk capacity to see if clients have the right amount of risk to reach their goals. Clients love seeing their map bounce into the green. Bonus: you’d be surprised how often a client’s desire to bolster their Retirement Map jogs their memory about held-away assets.

  • Firm Executives

    Give your team the tools to kickstart the financial planning process and even discover held-away assets. Now, you’ve got a great precursor to a financial plan and your team has the ability to upsell into a comprehensive plan where appropriate.

Benefits of
Planning Center

Align Risk Tolerance with Risk Capacity

Determine how much risk clients need to take on to reach their goals.

Illustrate Success in Minutes, Not Hours

Serve clients who don’t need or want a comprehensive plan.

Retain Clients for the Long Haul

Equip advisors to keep clients fearless, even when the short term is volatile. 

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See for yourself how the Nitrogen Client Engagement Platform can help your firm grow your assets, increase client satisfaction, and protect your business.

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Kickstart the Financial Planning Process

Retirement Maps
Retirement Maps

Don't wonder if a client's risk preference will allow them to achieve their goals—calculate their probability and build a map to success. Illustrate the bigger picture and even uncover outside assets.

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Unlock the power of events in Retirement Maps. See how changing your client's Risk Number®, income, or expenses over time will affect their overall risk capacity.

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growth with Nitrogen

Brian Horn uses Nitrogen to win clients and uncover held-away assets

How one financial advisor wins a high percentage of prospective clients when Nitrogen is brought up in the introductory meeting.

Firm experiences 15% increase in prospects with Nitrogen

Virginia Harriett and Michael Harriett increase their firm’s efficiency, attract more clients, and have better client conversations with Nitrogen as a central part of their tech stack.

Nitrogen helps Swan Retirement Planning win every prospect

Gabe Swan deploys Nitrogen to combat emotional investing, pairing 100% of his clients with a portfolio in the platform.

Trusted by the best brands in wealth management

Thousands of wealth management firms and financial advisors have propelled their success with Nitrogen.