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Win prospects faster, drive a personalized client experience at scale, attract and retain the best talent, increase firmwide efficiency, and turn compliance into an opportunity.

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Most firms aren’t growing

They have an asset platform, a CRM, and a planning tool, but something is missing. Something that gets the growth flywheel spinning. Turning a website into a lead gen machine. Turning those prospects into ACAT form moments. And turning those assets into committed clients. That’s where Nitrogen comes in.


Win prospects faster

Firms using the Nitrogen growth platform have improved prospect close rate from 40% to 94%. When prospects see the power of risk alignment working in their favor, advisors quickly close deals.

  • Manage expectations – Pinpoint an investor’s exact risk tolerance without stereotyping and turn fearful clients into fearless investors.
  • Generate leads – Turn your website into a client acquisition machine by leveraging powerful risk analytics to assess the Risk Number® of a prospects’ outside holdings.
  • Create ACAT form moments – Watch ACAT forms get signed faster than ever before when you evaluate portfolio risk and make investment recommendations that demonstrate alignment.
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Drive retention with a differentiated client experience

With over 5 million Risk Numbers® generated to date, Nitrogen makes investors 3x less anxious about their financial outlook. Nitrogen’s process for engaging clients and prospects enables you to build one cohesive firm with a unifying value proposition for every investor you serve.

  • Use a formula that wins – Address risk capacity, illustrate the bigger picture, and build a roadmap to success for every client across your firm.
  • Demonstrate expertise in a way that clients understand – Activate your team of advisors to create a powerful narrative around risk. By aligning risk tolerance and leveraging Stress Tests and Scenarios, advisors can empower clients in the investment process in every interaction.
  • Build the perfect portfolio, every time – Access world-class research and analytics inside Nitrogen and easily search for the best investments for every client.
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention – You’re always on the same page with your clients about the level of risk in their portfolio by automating client Check-ins. Get early warning signs on how your clients feel about the market, increase client satisfaction, and keep clients for the long haul.
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Attract & retain the best talent

The average advisor is 390% more satisfied with Nitrogen than any other wealth management tool. When you equip your advisors with a growth platform that acquires new clients, increases take-home pay, and drives investor satisfaction and retention, you create a differentiated advantage that helps you recruit and retain advisors.

  • Enable customization – Equip your advisors with a comprehensive growth platform, without mandating an all-in-one. Empower advisors to weave in all the tools they might need for personalization.
  • Provide trusted methodology – Center your tech stack on a growth platform with accurate proprietary analytics, in-depth investment research tools, and a risk alignment software at the securities level.
  • Put people first – By putting your clients’ needs at the center of your tech stack and helping advisors to drive higher prospect close rates, you unlock the growth formula, retaining top-performing advisors, engaging fearless investors, and increasing your firm’s AUM.
  • Equip your team to win – Give your team the #1 tool for sustainable growth. Three out of four advisors saw their book of business grow over $1M after 90 days of using the Nitrogen growth platform.
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Make compliance a profit center

Now you can work collaboratively with your advisors to maintain compliance across your firm’s entire book of business. Every action your advisors and operations staff take becomes proof to auditors that your firm is on track.

  • Easily search accounts – With all data synced across your firm, use search filters to single out one account or find thousands that fit your parameters.
  • Identify issues in minutes – Fly through thousands of accounts, instantly finding any that have inappropriate investments, concentrated positions, or are out of alignment.
  • Eliminate spot-checking – Ensure that all of your clients current holdings match their investment advisory agreements in record time.
  • Capture the right data – Easily create an audit trail by capturing accurate data faster than ever before so your firm can focus on what matters most: your clients.
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Nitrogen integrates across your organization

Envestnet MoneyGuide
By integrating your Envestnet MoneyGuide and Nitrogen accounts, you will be able to sync client Risk Numbers from Nitrogen to Envestnet MoneyGuide for use while developing a financial plan.
Charles Schwab
If you're one of the 7,500 independent advisors who clear through Schwab, you can be sure your custodial data from Schwab Advisor Center is up-to-date across Nitrogen.
With our eMoney integration, you can connect Nitrogen to your emX account for single-sign-on capabilities and Risk Number visibility for you and your clients in your planning platform
Nitrogen is tightly integrated with Redtail, allowing you to link Redtail contacts with Nitrogen client profiles, sync your custodial data to Nitrogen, and display client Risk Numbers in your CRM.

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