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Growth Platform Ecosystem

Nitrogen is tightly integrated with Redtail, allowing you to link Redtail contacts with Nitrogen client profiles, sync your custodial data to Nitrogen, and display client Risk Numbers in your CRM.
AdvisorEngine CRM syncs records to and from Nitrogen. Your clients get to see Risk Numbers within AdvisorEngine CRM and you get to take advantage of single-sign-on capabilities.
Nitrogen's integration with Salesforce allows you to import clients from your CRM and sync client and portfolio Risk Numbers from Nitrogen Clients and Portfolios back into Salesforce.
Launch Nitrogen directly from SmartOffice by Ebix without having to sign in. Export a client's portfolio from SmartOffice into Nitrogen and display Risk Numbers in SmartOffice.
View Nitrogen data on the Wealthbox Contact Record page, see client and portfolio Risk Numbers in right in your CRM, and open Nitrogen client profiles with just a click.
Charles Schwab
If you're one of the 7,500 independent advisors who clear through Schwab, you can be sure your custodial data from Schwab Advisor Center is up-to-date across Nitrogen.
No more manual entry from Fidelity accounts. Nitrogen is fully integrated, giving you access to all of your custodial data across accounts in your Risk Alignment Platform.
Axos Advisor Services
Axos Advisor Services integration allows you to import client account data and models into Nitrogen.
LPL Financial
LPL facilitates a data feed to sync account holdings into Nitrogen. Thousands of our LPL customers have access to a seamless flow of data from ClientWorks or BranchNet.
Custodial data from Pershing means clients and holdings stay up to date in Nitrogen. No need to enter data manually when you can sync accounts with this integration.
Raymond James
Nitrogen is integrated with Raymond James! Now, you can import new client profiles, link existing ones, and ensure that Nitrogen pulls account holdings to keep everything up-to-date.
Royal Bank of Canada's clearing services can be integrated with Nitrogen, allowing you to link accounts, client profiles, and custodial data across your Risk Alignment Platform.
TradePMR's EarnWise contacts flow directly into Nitrogen and keep client profiles up-to-date. TradePMR's custodial data is always a click away in Nitrogen.
Nitrogen is integrated with Altruist! You can now import new client profiles, link existing ones, and ensure that Nitrogen pulls account holdings and keeps everything up-to-date.
Interactive Brokers
Custodial data from Interactive Brokers means clients and holdings stay up to date in Nitrogen. No need to manually enter data when you can sync accounts with this integration.
Document Management
Laser App
Launch account opening paperwork right from within Nitrogen. Laser App fills your financial industry forms for you and boasts a library of over 33,000 documents.
Financial Planning
With our eMoney integration, you can connect Nitrogen to your emX account for single-sign-on capabilities and Risk Number visibility for you and your clients in your planning platform
Retirement Analyzer
The Nitrogen and Retirement Analyzer integration allows you to import clients, pull in accounts, view the holdings, and view the Risk Number.
Orion Advisor Tech
Seamlessly import client portfolios, asset allocations, and Risk Numbers into Orion Advisor Tech to access your favorite Nitrogen data inside of Orion's innovative financial planning platform.
Envestnet MoneyGuide
By integrating your Envestnet MoneyGuide and Nitrogen accounts, you will be able to sync client Risk Numbers from Nitrogen to Envestnet MoneyGuide for use while developing a financial plan.
The RightCapital integration allows you to seamlessly import Nitrogen model portfolios and corresponding Risk Numbers for visibility across RightCapital's planning tools.
FP Alpha
With our FP Alpha integration, you can easily import client accounts from Nitrogen directly into FP Alpha and continue building your financial plans.
Income Lab
By integrating your Income Labs and Nitrogen accounts, you’ll always have up-to-date account information inside your Income Labs plans allowing you to automate plan monitoring and management.
Portfolio Management
Seamlessly drive your workflow from proposal to trading to reporting with Nitrogen and Orion. These two are so deeply integrated, it'll make you fall in love with your business again.
Black Diamond
Nitrogen and the SS&C’s Black Diamond® Wealth Platform go hand-in-hand. Create proposals in Nitrogen, implement them in Black Diamond, and sync client profiles and accounts as you go
See portfolio Risk Numbers alongside asset allocations in Advyzon, push client accounts directly into Nitrogen, and take advantage of single-sign-on capability across systems.
With this integration, you can create a Nitrogen client profile directly from an Albridge account and link existing Nitrogen accounts with Albridge to ensure everything stays up-to-date.
With this integration, you can create a Nitrogen client profile directly from a Blueleaf account and link existing Nitrogen accounts with Blueleaf to ensure everything stays up-to-date.
Navigate to Nitrogen without ever leaving CircleBlack. From single-sign-on capabilities to visibility of client and portfolio risk analytics, these systems look like they were built for each other.
Seamlessly drive your business from account aggregation, to risk-aligned proposals, to implementation and reporting with Envestnet and Nitrogen.
Sync client profiles with accounts in Panoramix. Whenever a client's Risk Number or portfolio changes, Nitrogen pushes the updated Risk Numbers to that contact's record in Panoramix.
Harness the power of AI and the Risk Number in Vise's sub-advisor platform to create personalized portfolios of individual securities alongside Nitrogen portfolio analytics.
Research and Data
This two-way integration eliminates manual data entry by keeping your models and client portfolios in sync between Nitrogen and Kwanti's Portfolio Lab.
Morningstar Office and Nitrogen enable you to manage portfolios while you keep client profiles and custodial data up-to-date across systems.
Halo Investing
With more than 35,000 Structured Notes available via our partnership with Halo, advisors who opt-in can access their client’s notes through the Halo platform single sign-on.
Marketing and Engagement
Snappy Kraken
Leverage Nitrogen's extensive lead generation assets with the Snappy Kraken marketing platform.
White Glove
Learn how White Glove and Nitrogen come together to provide a powerful turnkey system for lead generation and conversion.
More Great Solutions
Opto Investments
Tap into Opto Investments models and methodologies at no cost, drop them right into your account, and make them your own with just a few clicks.
Effortlessly leverage Nitrogen's extensive lead generation assets inside of FMG's all-in-one marketing platform.
RIA in a Box
Nitrogen's integration with RIA in a Box establishes a simple supervisory workflow in which the Chief Compliance Officer of an RIA firm can seamlessly track, manage, and document the client suitability and portfolio review process enabled by the two platforms
Asset Map
See risk analytics in your clients' Asset Maps, launch into Nitrogen portfolios and client profiles, and say goodbye to credential entry with single-sign-on capabilities.
Start your proposal process within Nitrogen and seamlessly analyze and document PTE 2020-02 compliant rollover recommendations with InvestorCOM.
The Risk Number® and the Taxficient Score® together at last. In LifeYield, you can connect your Nitrogen account, set capital market assumptions, and watch your risk analytics sync away.
Texting risk assessments? Yes please. Your MyRepChat account and Nitrogen can be integrated, allowing you to generate and send questionnaires to your contacts.
Looking to streamline your meeting prep? Pulse360 and Nitrogen can be integrated allowing you to share and send risk questionnaires in your custom notes.

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