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The Old Way of Assessing Risk Just Doesn’t Work

Stereotyping investors by age doesn’t work; 52% of 20-29 year-olds aren’t “aggressive,” and 53% of 70-79 year-olds aren’t “conservative!”

Insider terms like “moderately aggressive” are subjective and mean different things to each client.

Hypotheticals that aren’t tied to real, relevant dollar amounts won’t get to the heart of someone’s risk tolerance.

Unlike other providers who lazily map risk to asset classes, we built Nitrogen the hard way — the right way — using security-level risk assessment for precise analysis.

Leverage the Risk Number

Based on a Nobel Prize-winning framework, the Risk Number is an objective, mathematical, and intuitive way to measure a client’s appetite for risk alongside their investments. The Risk Number is based on  downside risk. On a scale from 1 of 99, the greater the potential loss, the greater the Risk Number. 

Ambiguous terms such as “conservative” or “moderately-aggressive” cause confusion in the investment arena. The speed limit metaphor helps instill an understanding of risk, deepening engagement between the client and advisor.

Give your clients the #1 Risk Assessment

Use the Next Gen Risk Assessment — designed to go beyond basic questionnaires — to change the conversation around risk tolerance. When financial advisors aren’t afraid to talk about risk, investors aren’t afraid to make the right decisions. Riskalyze is built to quantify a client’s risk tolerance in less than 5 minutes. And the beauty of it lies within its adaptive, dynamic format. Using real dollar amounts, each question builds off the last to make a truly interactive experience.

Build the perfect proposal

At Nitrogen, we call it the “ACAT form moment” when advisors deliver state-of-the-art proposals built upon the Risk Number. Prospects simply ‘get it.’

This is Risk Alignment
  • Risk Tolerance

    Risk Assessments pinpoint exactly how much risk an investor wants — eliminating the stereotypes that have made risk tolerance all but useless. Use the leading scientific framework to objectively pinpoint an investor’s Risk Number®, whether you’re across the room or across the world. Learn more >

  • Portfolio Risk

    Portfolio analysis empowers you to assess how much risk an investor currently has. A portfolio-wide Risk Number and 95% Historical Range™ enable you to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment (or misalignment) to your prospects and clients. Learn more >

  • Proposed Risk

    Proposals allow you to build the perfect portfolio with the exact amount of risk an investor should take on. Whether from scratch or from a model, you can easily showcase why a portfolio in alignment with the investor’s Risk Number is right for them.

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