Illustrate your product recommendations like never before

Leverage the Risk Number® to find prospects, capture client information, and align recommendations to best interests.

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use nitrogen to

Empower your clients

Nitrogen helps you help your clients to make fearless decisions.

In the short term

The Risk Number® is the #1 way to illustrate the effects of your recommendation on the volatility of their investment portfolio.

for the long haul

Retirement Maps is the fastest way to highlight the long-term nature of your recommendation in an intuitive, one-page plan.

Build a proposal with the right products

Thoughtful, personalized proposals are proven to win over clients and prospects. Using the results of the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, you’re empowered to illustrate how the products that fit them best allow them to take on the risk they want with the returns they need.

Showcase how you can reduce risk and guarantee income

The number one question financial professionals get is, “Am I going to be okay?” Nitrogen helps you answer that question by calculating retirement probability, showcasing sources of retirement income, and painting a picture that turns clients into fearless investors.

Prove that you are working in the best interest of your clients

Don’t just act in the best interests of your clients, prove it quantitatively. Now, compliance teams, home office executives, and regulators know that your entire firm treats clients like the individuals they are.

Features for IMOs and Other Insurance Firms

Portfolio Risk
Portfolio Risk

Does an investor's risk tolerance align with how they're invested? A portfolio-wide Risk Number® and 95% Historical Range enable you to make investment decisions and demonstrate alignment to your prospects and clients.

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Retirement Maps
Retirement Maps

Don't wonder if a client's risk preference will allow them to achieve their goals—calculate their probability and build a map to success. Illustrate the bigger picture and even uncover outside assets.

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Unlock the power of events in Retirement Maps. See how changing your client's Risk Number®, income, or expenses over time will affect their overall risk capacity.

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Command Center

Build upon a dedicated platform for the home office

We built Command Center to empower insurance professionals with intelligent business insights, growth tools, and firm customization.

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We integrate with your existing tech stack

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you. That’s why Nitrogen integrates seamlessly with your existing technology, enabling you to connect the Risk Number into all of your wealth tech solutions.

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