Insights Dashboard

Insights Dashboard

Leverage the Insights Dashboard to measure both the growth and risk of your firm’s entire book of business.

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Compare advisors in your firm

How can you tell your advisors apart? With Insights, you’ve got access to powerful growth and risk analytics across your AUM. Now you have a clear, historical overview of each advisor’s performance while understanding the growth trajectory and risk management across your wealth management firm.

Get an x-ray into the health of your advisors’ clients

It’s never been easier to determine which clients have Risk Numbers, which clients are feeling confident in their plan, and which advisors are offering exceptional service to their clients.

Just like your firm, Insights is growing. Soon you’ll be able to view book-level Stress Tests and client sentiment across your entire office of advisors allowing you to make smarter long-term decisions for your business.

Prove your return on investment

Your firm wins when you bring on new clients, and your clients win when they feel empowered to invest fearlessly. Won With Nitrogen™ is designed to quantify your triumphs, and offer precise insights into how much AUM you’ve successfully brought into your firm and won with the help of the Nitrogen platform.

Our analysis of the past 10 years suggests that the average firm has won $23M per advisor with Nitrogen. Assuming a 1% advisory fee, that’s $23k in compounding new revenue every year. What an ROI on your software spend with Nitrogen!

Every tool at your disposal.

It’s never been easier to set expectations with clients, prove your fiduciary care, and grow your business.