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Meet the #1 proposal engine for wealth management firms.

Whether your advisors are proposing models, custom strategies, or capturing wallet share from clients, there’s no better growth driver than equipping them with a system to win.

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How This Benefits Everyone In Your Firm
  • Financial Advisors

    When advisors can quickly close deals and grow AUM, they fall in love with the investor-centric process that makes their fiduciary duty shine.

  • Clients & Prospects

    Gone are the days of the 40-page report they’ll never read. When investors can see and understand how their advisor is acting in their best interests, they just “get it,” and are ready to invest fearlessly for the long haul.

  • Compliance Personnel

    Use the Proposals Dashboard to see a book-of-business view of all clients, reports, and proposals. Now, your team can document which clients have Risk Numbers, who’s received Form CRS, and where advisors need help building proposals to win clients.

  • Firm Executives

    Roll out a consistent, proven proposal process that both advisors and prospects love, and see its effects on close rates and client satisfaction.

Benefits of a
Proposals Solution

Build a consistent experience

Showcase your brand from lead gen, to proposal creation, to ongoing client reviews.

Drive up conversion rates

Thoughtful, personalized proposals are proven to turn into ACAT Forms.

Turn proposals into reality

Integrate with your asset platform to make implementation a breeze.

Document best interests

Source a history of proposals and their client profiles to quickly ace an audit.

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See for yourself how the Nitrogen Growth Platform can help your firm win prospects faster, drive a personalized client experience at scale, and increase firmwide efficiency.

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Leading with risk (not returns) is now a proven formula.

Humans are 2.5x more concerned about avoiding losses than they are about achieving potential gains. With client profiling built on a Nobel Prize-winning framework and aligned proposals driving AUM to tens of thousands of advisors, you can trust that your process is best-in-class at harnessing behavioral psychology.

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Setting clear expectations from the start drives client satisfaction and retention.

Don’t just win business — keep it. A common language between advisors and clients starts the relationship on the right foot and empowers those clients to invest fearlessly. “Now that my clients know their Risk Number and understand their 95% Historical Range, my phone no longer rings off the hook when markets are volatile.” – Shay, Advisor in Florida.

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See how firms are driving
growth with Nitrogen

Equity Concepts has a 90% Close Rate Using Nitrogen

For advisors at Equity Concepts, Nitrogen is fundamental to helping clients understand their risk tolerance.

Advisor Wins 8-Figure Client and Projects 40% Growth in One Year with Nitrogen

Advisor Clint Potts has integrity, trust, and decades of expertise to thank for the continuous growth of his firm, as he helps clients invest for the long haul and leverages Nitrogen for third-party validation.

Nitrogen supports firm acquisition scaling AUM to $330M

Bolstering his team's efficiency, process, client trust, and AUM, Nitrogen is a tool that Cory Allen wouldn't practice without.

Trusted by the best brands in wealth management

Thousands of wealth management firms and financial advisors have propelled their success with Nitrogen.