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Retain clients with proven engagement tools.

Now, advisors can build a strong foundation with clients and get early warning signals when their psychology needs a little care. With powerful engagement tools like Check-ins, Stress Tests, and Scenarios, your team can always keep their finger on the pulse of client sentiment.

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How This Benefits Everyone In Your Firm
  • Financial Advisors

    Gone are the days of guessing which clients are worried or stressed about their portfolio. Advisors can automate monthly or quarterly Check-ins to take the pulse of clients and know when someone might need a little extra care.

  • Clients & Prospects

    Leverage Stress Tests and Scenarios to help clients understand what is ‘normal’ for their portfolio. Now you can string these events together to create a portfolio narrative that settles the question once and for all… “Why is the market beating my portfolio?”

  • Firm Executives

    Give your team the client engagement tools needed to grow and retain their book of business. With the Nitrogen, you can rest assured knowing your firm has exactly what they need to keep clients’ minds at ease during market downturns.

Benefits of a
Client Engagement Solution

Receive early warning signs when clients need attention

Have the tools and resources to know when a client might need your team’s attention.

Set the Right Expectations

Illustrate what is ‘normal’ for a portfolio so clients stay fearless in down markets.

Keep Clients Engaged and Involved.

Reassure your clients that you’ve got their best interests in mind.

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See for yourself how the Nitrogen Client Engagement Platform can help your firm grow your assets, increase client satisfaction, and protect your business.

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Make behavioral coaching easy.

Check-ins is an automated behavioral coaching tool that allows your team to send monthly or quarterly Check-ins to clients. Your clients get an email, branded for your firm, and answer the questions, “How do you feel about the markets?” and “How are you feeling about your financial future?” After two taps, clients can see adaptive analytics about what is ‘normal’ for their portfolio and you get insight into how their psychology is really doing.

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Answer the question, “Why is the market beating my portfolio?” once and for all.

There’s no better way to illustrate your answer to the question “why is the market beating my portfolio?” With Stress Tests, your team has the tools to explain why the S&P 500 is a Risk 76, and while their Risk 52 portfolio won’t make as much when markets are up, it’ll lose a whole lot less when markets are down.

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