Reports Builder

Reports Builder

Create a roadmap for your clients with Nitrogen — your go-to interface where assembling reports isn’t just intuitive, it’s powerful and flexible.

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A roadmap every investor can understand

Gone are the days of overwhelming investors with a 50-page report they’ll never read. Now you can illustrate your expertise on paper so you can propose the right amount of risk and empower fearless investing with your clients and prospects.

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Design with your client in mind

Reports Builder is your library of elements by which you tell your best stories. Mix, match, and customize reports in a way that treats clients as individuals and gives them just what they need, right when they need it. At the executive level, you’re able to embrace creativity and compliance.

Firms can configure which elements should be made available to advisors, and which attachments should accompany their reports. Whether it’s form CRS or content specific to your firm, you can make sure reports are compliant and effective.

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Create templates to showcase your expertise

If you are looking to generate a report quickly, Nitrogen has an extensive collection of pre-built templates. It’s as easy as clicking the template, selecting a client, and clicking generate. If our pre-built templates don’t work for you, you can easily customize any report and turn it into a template for future use.

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Leverage AI to make your firm’s brand shine

This is your story to tell — not ours. Reports in Nitrogen are designed to showcase your firm’s logo and brand. With our Ignite and Ultimate plans, you can configure your primary and secondary brand colors and let artificial intelligence generate a series of tones and hues that will flow through all of the report elements to make each report feel like it was custom-built for your business.

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See how it works:

Every tool at your disposal.

It’s never been easier to set expectations with clients, prove your fiduciary care, and grow your business.