Outside Asset Sync

Outside Asset Sync

Seamlessly import outside assets from thousands of institutions. With client credentials entered remotely or by your side, manual updates become a thing of the past.

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Convince prospects with real portfolio data

With the power of Outside Asset Sync, you can gain insight into your prospects’ held away assets from over 10,000 financial institutions with just a few clicks.

Gone are the days of manually keying in holdings into Nitrogen. Simply slide that keyboard over and have them enter their credentials, allowing you to provide guidance and expertise on their portfolio in minutes.

A simple sync request pulls data instantly, and it’s entirely secure — passwords are never stored by Nitrogen or your advisory firm.

Capture assets from across the room or across the world

Having a remote meeting through Nitrogen Meetings? No problem.

Investors can easily enter their credentials across the room or across the world. Sync requests can be sent straight to their inbox and allow you to demonstrate misalignment between their outside assets and their Risk Number® faster than ever before.

Every tool at your disposal.

It’s never been easier to set expectations with clients, prove your fiduciary care, and grow your business.