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Leverage Nitrogen’s proprietary analytics.

Speed up investment research, provide deep portfolio analytics, and empower advisors to ‘wow’ the most analytical of clients.

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How This Benefits Everyone In Your Firm
  • Financial Advisors

    Unleash your team’s inner math genius with in-depth analysis of everything from modeled performance, comparisons, sector breakdowns, regional exposure, and more.

  • Clients & Prospects

    Create a roadmap for your clients with a single click. Our white-labeled PDF and printed reports are intuitive to clients, reinforce your firm’s brand, and are FINRA compliant.

  • Compliance Personnel

    Build a repeatable process that keeps clients engaged and your compliance needs in check. With powerful analytics, reports, and business insights, your team can be sure that you’re working in the best interest of your clients and can prove it to regulators.

  • Firm Executives

    Leverage Nitrogen’s proprietary analytics across your firm to build a unique and repeatable client process. When all of your advisors leverage the Risk Number, 95% Historical Range, Riskalyze GPA, and more, you’ve got a system in place to convert prospects and retain clients.

Benefits of an
Analytics Solution

Screen for Securities

Find funds and securities that fit the needs of your clients and prospects.

Run Stress Tests and model scenarios

Run portfolios through historical scenarios to illustrate what is ‘normal.’

Craft better portfolios and proposals

Build portfolios that use your firm’s models/funds and meet the needs of your clients.

Generate compelling reports

Build reports that convert prospects and retain clients.

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Meet Discovery: Your new favorite way to search and find the right securities.

Conduct all of your research and investment analytics inside Riskalyze without switching browser tabs. With Discovery, you can harness the proprietary power of the Risk Number®, Riskalyze GPA®, and more to search for the perfect investment for every client.

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Individual Security Analysis done right.

Risk analysis at the security level: Nitrogen runs daily analysis at the individual security level, covering over a quarter million stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, SMA third party money managers, individual corporate, government, and municipal bonds, non-traded alternatives, annuities, REITs, and more!

Next-level research at your fingertips: Want to drill deeper into individual security analytics? It’s easy to pull up a rich set of data for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Whether you want to model performance, see trailing returns, dive into asset classification, or see regional exposure, Nitrogen has you covered.

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Unleash your inner math geek with Detailed Portfolio Stats.

Detailed Portfolio Stats is data analytics taken to the next level. With a variety of tools ranging from modeled performance, sector breakdowns, risk/reward scatter plots, and data correlation, it’s the most effective way to analyze a portfolio through the lens of risk.

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See how firms are driving
growth with Nitrogen

Advisor wins $4.7M client and increases efficiency

Discover how P.J. has won clients faster and retained them for longer with Nitrogen.

Nitrogen demystifies investment conversations for clients with clear illustrations

Acorn Wealth Advisors use detailed portfolio stats in Nitrogen to simplify complex concepts and enhance client trust.

$150M AUM firm, Amwell Ridge Wealth Management, saves thousands by consolidating technology spend with Nitrogen

Nitrogen Elite allowed David to sunset outdated analytics technology and make risk conversations accessible and meaningful for the everyday client.

Trusted by the best brands in wealth management

Thousands of wealth management firms and financial advisors have propelled their success with Nitrogen.