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If you have Nitrogen, you have the Partner Store, your one-stop collection of world-class models available right in your Nitrogen account. Tap into Schwab models and methodologies at no cost, drop them right into your account, and make them your own with just a few clicks.

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Whenever Schwab updates their models, you get real-time alerts. You can accept those changes, ignore them, or edit them to your heart’s content, and push those updates across your client accounts instantly.

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Model subscriptions are designed to let your brand shine. Whether you’re directly following Schwab strategies or you’ve customized them entirely, you can rename any model in Nitrogen to reflect your business.

Schwab Model Portfolios:

Long-term portfolios built to help your clients reach their goals

Designed to be straightforward, transparent and easy to understand. Schwab Model Portfolios are built using Charles Schwab Investment Management’s asset allocation framework, engineered with a deep understanding of investor behaviors.

Low cost, well diversified portfolios that combine various investment products in a building block approach.

Advisors can choose from two different portfolios: Core ETF and Core Enhanced ETF. Both utilize a behavioral approach to investments. Select one that’s right for your clients based on their individual goals, circumstances, and behavioral biases.

Schwab Model Portfolios: Core ETF Series (Low cost, core allocation)

The core asset model portfolios are constructed with Schwab exchange-traded funds (ETFs), using traditional market cap-weighted equity, fixed income, and real assets, to create a diversified, low cost core model portfolio. The Core ETF model portfolios offer seven allocations utilizing varying levels of asset class exposures to fit a range of client risk appetites and likely investor behaviors.

Schwab Model Portfolios: Core Enhanced ETF Series (Enhanced risk/return potential)

The enhanced portfolios are constructed with Schwab exchange-traded funds (ETFs), incorporating strategic beta, style, and sub-asset classes as a complement to traditional cap-weighted index strategies. The Core Enhanced ETF model portfolios offer seven allocations utilizing varying levels of asset class exposures to fit a range of client risk appetites and likely investor behaviors.

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