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A Client Experience that Builds Loyalty—and Referrals Webinar Recap

About this session:

This session involved a discussion about the importance of enhancing client referrals and building loyalty through exceptional client experience. The panelists also discussed the various tools and strategies that can be used to achieve these objectives, such as using technology to streamline operations, empowering teams, and focusing on customer experience and growth. The session also featured technology demos and shared resources for reference and sharing among colleagues.

Insights Surfaced:

  1. The importance of understanding your client base, their needs, and their experiences to deliver better service.
  2. The need for technology and automation in streamlining operations and improving client experience.
  3. The role of team empowerment in improving operations and service delivery.
  4. The significance of regular client engagement and follow-ups in building loyalty and referrals.
  5. The value of using technology to personalize client experience and meet their unique needs.

Meet the Speakers

Bill Sullivan, VP – Relationship Management, Nitrogen

Meet Bill Sullivan, a 25-year veteran in financial services sales and relationship management. He’s led Nitrogen’s Mid-market and Enterprise teams for over three years, specializing in converting leads into client relationships and driving sustainable growth. Bill is here to share his expertise to benefit you and your clients.

Charesse Spiller, Founder of Level Best and Creator of FinOps Co-op™

Charesse Spiller, the founder and principal consultant at Level Best, specializes in helping financial planners streamline their operations for success. With a focus on reimagining systems and processes, Charesse and her team of consultants are dedicated to elevating your business from good to great.

Amber Krier, Head of Relationship Management, AdvisorEngine

Amber Krier is an experienced professional in the financial industry. They currently serve as the Head of Relationship Management at AdvisorEngine since January 2022, and previously held roles at Sowell Management and TD Ameritrade Institutional. Amber holds degrees from Navarro College and Fontbonne University, and they are certified with Series 63 and Series 7 by FINRA since May 2016.

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Takeaway 1: The importance of streamlining operations and utilizing technology to enhance client service in wealth management

The panelists discussed the importance of streamlining operations and using technology to enhance client experience in wealth management. They emphasized on conducting regular audits of current priorities, processes, and the types of clients being served, to understand the focus areas and the scope of improvement.

“Sometimes we need to look within and take stock of your current priorities, your current processes, as well as the clients that you’re serving today,” said Bill. He added that considering new capabilities and auditing one’s tech stack are crucial steps in improving the client experience.

Cherisse Spiller also highlighted the significance of technology in streamlining operations and empowering teams. She said, “Help your team have ownership and reinvent your tech stack. Audit your tech stack to see what new capabilities are available through integrations and automations as well.”

Takeaway 2: Developing a client experience vision and documenting it to measure results

Amber discussed the importance of creating a client experience vision, documenting it, and measuring the results. She noted that it’s essential to start small and define one thing that can be done at each step of the client journey to enhance the experience.

“Evaluating your current client experience – [is essential]. We [can show] the statistics on how often our advisors are touching their clients and what that check-in looks like,” said Amber. She emphasized the need to measure results and share them with the team to ensure everyone understands their role in the client experience.

She also pointed out the importance of segmenting clients and setting service expectations for each segment. “Are you calling them? Do your clients want calls quarterly or monthly, depending on the relationship you have with them,” Amber asked, underlining the need for clear communication lines according to the client’s preferences.

Takeaway 3: Using technology to deepen the client relationship and drive referrals

The panelists also highlighted the role of technology in deepening client relationships and driving referrals. They discussed how tools like Advisor Engine and Nitrogen can help in managing client relationships and streamlining processes.

Kathy demonstrated how Advisor Engine can help track client progress, manage touch points, and provide a comprehensive overview of client data. She emphasized the tool’s ability to provide a clear idea of how to track client engagement.

Jayden from Nitrogen showed how their platform can help in deepening client relationships by simplifying conversations around risk, reward, and long-term financial goals. He said, “The way that we see most firms utilizing our platform to deepen that client relationship is starting with this risk number.” He then showcased Nitrogen’s core features and how they assist with enhancing the client experience.

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