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The Growth Code: Three Steps to Predictable Revenue

About this session:

This session aimed to target wealth management leaders interested in learning about growth strategies. The presentation featured speakers from  Nitrogen and Advisor Engine. It focused on the three steps necessary in growing your firm (assessing, planning and executing).

Insights Surfaced:

  1. The importance of having a clear growth plan and setting targets for achieving it.
  2. The need for accountability and consistency in executing the growth plan.
  3. The role of technology in enhancing client offerings and supporting client retention.
  4. The value of storytelling in differentiating an advisory firm from others.
  5. The significance of treating referrals as a specific marketing funnel to be targeted and built around.

Meet the Speakers

Kelly Waltrich, Co-Founder,

For over 15 years, Kelly Waltrich, Co-founder of, has been a pioneer in financial services marketing. As former CMO at eMoney Advisor and Orion Advisor Solutions, she demonstrated the pivotal role of marketing in driving growth. Waltrich constructed robust marketing teams, leading successful rebrands, acquisitions, and product launches. Her strategies elevated brand visibility, positioned executives as industry leaders, and generated strong inbound pipelines. embodies her accumulated insights, fueled by the conviction that effective marketing is the catalyst for transformative growth in financial firms.

Dan Bolton, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Nitrogen

Dan Bolton is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Nitrogen, the growth platform for wealth management firms. The company today serves tens of thousands of financial advisors across the United States and has twice been named one of the World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company Magazine. In his role, he oversees the company’s brand, product marketing, and digital efforts and often represents Nitrogen at national conferences and events. Outside of work, Dan is an avid runner and resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Priscilla, and daughter Goldie.

Ned Dane, Chief Growth Officer, AdvisorEngine

Ned Dane is an experienced financial services leader with extensive background in asset management, wealth management, high net worth solutions, sustainable investing, financial technology, and institutional retirement. Results driven professional with strong record of success in: innovation, driving sales and revenue, executing strategic plans, building. leading and inspiring high performing teams, and managing corporate relationships at the senior level. Accomplished public speaker and industry expert on high net worth, multi-generational wealth, generational insights and sustainable investing.

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Takeaway 1: Growth strategies are essential for wealth management leaders

Wealth management leaders must have a growth strategy to ensure predictable revenue. The panelists in this discussion emphasized the importance of having a detailed plan that is regularly reviewed and updated. They also stressed the need for a technology-driven approach, using tools and platforms that automate and streamline processes, freeing up time and resources for more strategic initiatives.

Kelly Waltrich explored the topic of predictable revenue by looking at “exactly what type of activity, effort, money, resources you need to put in to get a certain output.” She emphasized the importance of consistency, stating that “growth doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a really solid plan followed by really solid execution.”

Ned Dane, the Chief Growth Officer for Advisor Engine, highlighted the importance of understanding the current state of your business before planning for growth. He suggested looking at “the major sort of buckets of activity” and analyzing the business to understand “who are your ideal clients, who are the clients you wish you could have, what’s your capacity for more?”

Takeaway 2: Leveraging technology can significantly enhance a firm’s growth plan

The panelists discussed the crucial role of technology in executing growth strategies. They highlighted various tools that can assist in managing client relations, tracking growth, and automating processes. These tools provide data and insights that can inform strategic decisions and improve efficiency.

Dan Bolton, the VP of Corporate Marketing at Nitrogen, stated that hyper-growth firms consistently utilize front office marketing tech. He said, “They use Risk Alignment, they use CRM, they use Proposal Generation and they use it across their firm. It’s not one advisor using one tool and then another advisor is using a different tool. It’s rolled out across the firm. It’s consistent and they understand how to use it.”

Kelly Waltrich added that technology can also help firms remain accountable. She suggested that firms should treat their growth strategy the same way they would any other significant aspect of their lives, holding themselves accountable to their plans and tracking their progress regularly.

Takeaway 3: Client engagement is key to business growth

The panelists underscored the importance of client engagement in driving business growth. They highlighted the need for a strong brand story that resonates with clients and prospects. Moreover, they discussed how technology can enhance client engagement, contributing to client retention and business growth.

Kelly Waltrich stated that, “If I bring on X amount new clients, I get to showcase Nitrogen and Advisor Engine which are going to ignite my ability to provide a better client experience.” This reflects the idea that technology can enhance client engagement and subsequently drive growth.

Mitch Dunn from Nitrogen also discussed how technology can turn good clients into excellent referral sources. He said that “leveraging technology to turn good clients into amazing referral sources” is a critical element of success for advisory firms. He suggested using tools to keep clients engaged and informed about their financial future, which can encourage them to refer the firm to others.

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