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Why Nitrogen is Worth Every Penny

According to Advisor P.J. Herb, Nitrogen was the key to winning a $4.7 million client, paying for itself for years.

Advisor P.J. Herb CFP® works with his dad at WealthCo Financial Group, LLC outside of Houston, Texas, providing financial planning, investment services, small business consulting, and CPA tax and accounting services.

With a knack for unique problem-solving, it’s no wonder that P.J. and his team were tired of the traditional risk questionnaire producing inaccurate results that don’t help clients understand the nuance of risk. When P.J. found Nitrogen, it was a perfect match for his team’s needs and quickly grew their business.

“Nitrogen has become an invaluable part of our business, and we now use it across every client—current and prospective,” P.J. said.

Nitrogen recently helped P.J. and his team win a $4.7 million client by showing her that her risk profile and investments did not align. She was a risk 48, and she was invested like a 69. 

P.J. finds that with Nitrogen, he can better understand and serve his clients. His clients connect with their Risk Number®, making discussions about investment much more accessible. “Nitrogen allows you as the adviser to make a personal connection right off the bat,” P.J. said.

Cetera and Nitrogen together have increased P.J.’s firm’s efficiency. “What used to take days now takes a couple of hours,” he said. P.J. can analyze portfolios, prepare reports, and develop presentations faster with Nitrogen integrated across his team’s tech stack.

“I believe if you want to truly be a fiduciary with your client, you have to use Nitrogen. You almost have no choice,” P.J. said. “Even if you don’t use the tool for anything other than just supplementing your risk profile questionnaire, Nitrogen is worth every penny.”

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