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Growing Your Firm’s AUM During An Acquisition

As CEO of Peak Advisory Group, Cory Allen recently led his team through a significant acquisition. He successfully brought in the new firm and quickly implemented his secret weapon: Nitrogen, to ensure efficiency and stability for incoming customers.

Nitrogen is mission-critical for me, and I wouldn’t practice without it. It is that valuable to me and what I do,” Cory said. 

By integrating with Cory’s tech stack, including Redtail, MoneyGuide, and Albridge, Nitrogen enabled Cory to analyze newly acquired client portfolios from Day 1.

Peak Advisory Group can tie tangible benefits to their firmwide use of Nitrogen, including increased firm AUM, an elevated number of prospects in their pipeline, and an improved number of referrals from centers of influence.

“My last two referrals came from accountants and were multimillion-dollar accounts. They’re introducing us to their best clients because they trust our deliverables and have confidence in what we’re doing and our process,” Cory said.

Recently, Cory created a sample client in Nitrogen to show an insurance agent the due diligence that goes into his work. A few weeks later, that same agent referred a $2 million client to Cory’s firm.

“We created a partnership because of our elevated process, and we strive to do this with other professionals across the legal, accounting, and insurance fields,” Cory said. “Nitrogen has been instrumental in making these connections happen.”

Cory has been amazed by the increased efficiency of his firm since adopting Nitrogen.

“Surprise meeting? No problem! Once, I had forgotten about an evening appointment I had scheduled. I got the 15-minute reminder and easily created a presentation for the client before our meeting started. It looked like I’d been preparing for an hour because of Nitrogen’s efficiency,” Cory said.

Cory is one of thousands of advisors that have found success with Nitrogen, helping their firms to win more clients, increase their AUM, and maximize the Nitrogen ROI.

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