Nitrogen is the world’s first growth platform for wealth management firms

Our powerful suite of tools enables you to confidently navigate the journey from prospect to meeting, and from meeting to loyal client, while staying true to your fiduciary duty. Experience unparalleled growth potential and maximize your firm’s success with Nitrogen.

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Drive a consistent client experience across your advisors, increase client acquisition and retention, and access compliance analytics for every account. Get hands-on with our solution and discover how it can transform your business.

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Trusted by the best brands in wealth management

Thousands of wealth management firms and financial advisors have propelled their success with Nitrogen.

Client Satisfaction

Treat every client like an individual

And that’s why fiduciaries love the Risk Number.

Gone are the days of having to stereotype investors based on their age and assign subjective semantics like “moderately conservative.” With Nitrogen, you can illustrate your fiduciary care to clients and prove it to regulators.

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Scale with a modern growth platform

Turn advisors into growth engines, without twisting them into salespeople. Create a powerful, interactive client acquisition and retention process that hides in plain sight behind the practice of great advice. Deliver the insights and analytics to keep your rocket ship safely on course.

Client Acquisition

Attract and convert your ideal clients, generate more high-quality leads than ever before, and streamline your prospecting process with Nitrogen.

Client Engagement

Scale a personalized, repeatable process that delights every client, builds trust, increases client retention, and turns clients into referral advocates.

Compliance Management

Grow and protect your firm, effectively manage complex compliance requirements, spot compliance issues in minutes, and empower your team to take action.


Set the best expectations

Help clients visualize and understand what you’ve been telling them for years.

When clients grasp the relationship between risk and reward, you can finally say goodbye to that pesky question, “why is the market beating my portfolio?”

Risk Tolerance
Risk Assessments pinpoint exactly how much risk an investor wants — eliminating the stereotypes that have made risk tolerance all but useless.

Portfolio Risk
Portfolio analysis empowers you to assess how much risk an investor currently has and demonstrate alignment (or misalignment) to your prospects and clients.

Risk Capacity
Retirement Maps paints a picture of how much risk an investor needs to take on to reach their goals.

Proposed Risk
Proposals allow you to build the perfect portfolio with the exact amount of risk an investor should take on.


Expand your firm’s impact

When you can incite curiosity in prospects and then craft the most compelling proposals to match, you’ll experience what we at Nitrogen call “The ACAT Form Moment” time and time again.

Case Study
The 19x ROI

See how research unveiled that advisors actively using Nitrogen saw a 19X increase in take-home pay.

Case Study
Getting Referrals

After the market took a sudden downturn, this advisor received a series of concerned phone calls – not from worried clients, but from prospective ones.

Case Study
90% Close Rates

See how the Equity Concepts team used Nitrogen to get a 90% close rate in prospect meetings. Incredible!


Connect across your firm’s technology

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you

Advisors and firms love how easily Nitrogen integrates with their existing technology, enabling real-time insights and client visibility. The Nitrogen API and Nitrogen data connectors allow for easy integration with popular CRMs, portfolio management systems, trading platforms, your firm’s own data lake or warehouse, and 40+ other technology providers.

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What advisors have to say

“The growth and retention of our client base has been significant”
"The growth and retention of our client base has been significant, even in discouraging markets. Our clients have had an expectation set for their funds’ fluctuation through our process utilizing the Nitrogen features. Prospects understand what our investment management looks like and what they can expect in the future, not just seeing hindsight performance data."
Advisor in North Carolina
“I can prove I’m abiding by my fiduciary duty”
“I believe in the Nitrogen system. I will only take on clients who go through the Nitrogen questionnaire, and I can prove I’m abiding by my fiduciary duty. Nitrogen is my failsafe, and it’s been working for seven years. I wouldn’t deviate even if a client wanted to do something different.”
Advisor in Florida
“My clients have complete confidence in their plan”
"My clients have complete confidence in their plan. As they drive the conversation instead of me and fully understand how the investments are chosen to help them achieve their goals. This experience that Riskalyze has given me has only gotten better under Nitrogen."
Advisor in New York
“The analytics solution has everything I need and more”
“Now that I have Nitrogen, I’ve been able to consolidate my tech spend. The analytics solution has everything I need and more.”
Advisor in Ohio