Stephen Brandes

Chief Revenue Officer, Nitrogen

Stephen Brandes is the Chief Revenue Officer at Nitrogen, the growth platform for wealth management firms. Serving a vast network of tens of thousands of financial advisors in the United States, Nitrogen’s commitment to innovation is evident in its dual recognition as one of Fast Company Magazine’s World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies. Stephen leads the company’s Advisor Direct, Mid-Market, Strategic Accounts, Renewals, and Relationship Management teams, and leverages his go-to-market experience to drive industry adoption of the company’s category-defining growth platform. Prior to Nitrogen, Stephen was SVP of Sales at Wunderkind, where he helped grow annual revenue from $20M to $150M+ over a 7-year period. A graduate of Yale University and Harvard Business School, Stephen brings a strong track record of building and scaling sales teams to generate predictable results.