Unlock Scale & Efficiency with Auxilium by Aptus:

Your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer on Nitrogen

Auxilium by Aptus delivers a tailored OCIO solution on the Nitrogen platform, giving you the power to focus on what really matters: building lasting relationships with your clients.

Reclaim Your Time

As your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer on the Nitrogen platform, Auxilium handles the granular tasks, freeing you to concentrate on deepening client relationships and strategic growth. Regain valuable hours without sacrificing expertise or quality.

Seamless Connection with Nitrogen

When you appoint Auxilium as your OCIO, Nitrogen now facilitates giving them OCIO access to your account, so they can log straight into your Nitrogen instance, draft proposals for you, and make it easy for you to prepare for your client meetings.

Democratizing Access to High-Caliber OCIO Services

Many OCIO services seem out of reach for the 1, 2, 4, 5 advisor firm — they can typically be a six-figure investment, particularly at this level of personalization. With Auxilium by Aptus, your firm can get access to a powerful outsourced Chief Investment Officer for a fee of just $2,000/month, and no additional basis point fees.

The Value of OCIO Services

Auxilium by Aptus

OCIO services offer a powerful way for wealth managers to elevate their practice by providing specialized investment expertise, operational efficiencies, and enhanced client relationships.

  • Expertise & Fiduciary Responsibility: OCIOs bring specialized knowledge in asset management and assume fiduciary duties, enabling financial advisors to focus more on strategic planning and client relationships.
  • Time & Cost-Efficiency: By outsourcing the complexities of portfolio management, advisors can achieve operational efficiencies, freeing up time and often lowering overall costs.
  • Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance: OCIOs offer proactive risk management strategies and ensure regulatory compliance, thereby reducing potential liabilities.

Aptus has an incredible track record in this business, carving out a niche in OCIO services while launching a growing suite of active ETFs. Their portfolio construction process carries a 7-year GIPS record, and their business was built in the trenches with advisors.

Leveraging Auxilium by Aptus can transform the way financial advisors operate, allowing them to focus on what they do best—nurturing client relationships and growing their business—while confidently leaving the intricate details of asset management to specialized experts.

Unlock Your Firm’s Full Potential with Auxilium by Aptus

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