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A One-Click Roadmap for Your Clients

The role of an advisor is a paradox. On the one hand, clients want their advisors to “take care of their money,” but on the other hand, it’s impossible to do that job without engagement, agreement and buy-in from those clients. One way that advisors have been building that engagement is to use an Investment Policy Statement to discuss and build agreement about the direction of a client’s portfolio. The IPS illustrates the facts we know about the client, and showcases the direction we’re going to take a client’s investments.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Nitrogen now makes it possible to create this roadmap for your clients with a single click. We’ve built a printable Investment Policy Statement that is simple and understandable, yet includes all of the key elements advisors need in that document.

And here’s the best news of all. While the Investment Policy Statement will be an add-on product in the future, every single Nitrogen customer just got a lifetime upgrade to the IPS — completely free. And for a limited time, every new advisor who joins Nitrogen will get the lifetime upgrade, too.

There may be some advisors who have more comprehensive needs in an IPS document. We made the choice to err on the side of simplicity for a key reason — the best guidance we have from FINRA is that understandability trumps detail every time.

That being said, we’ve already provided customization services to several customers. If you’d like to do the same, let us know and we can make it affordable to get exactly the report you want for your business. (We also intend to increase your ability to customize the report over time.)

We’ve also shipped a variety of other improvements all over Nitrogen.

    • Reports now generate in PDF, making it easy to save any report into your CRM, or send it to your clients electronically. (This is live for some customers, and will be rolling out to all customers over the next few days.)


    • Client profiles were redesigned to make it simpler and easier to manage client portfolios.


    • We added a self-completing checklist for prospect meetings and client reviews, so you can see what’s next for each client at a glance.


Finally, we’re excited to share that we’re making some big investments in your success. We’re in the process of hiring a new team member to run Advisor Success, allowing us to deliver even more training, support and assistance to make you a more successful advisor.

We’ve also rolled out the ability to RSVP for any of our upcoming Advisor Success events right inside the product. Just click on your own name in the upper right hand corner, and click Help. Then choose the Advisor Success date you’d like to join us for, and you’ll get an email with the link to join the online event that day!

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