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A Day in the Life of a Nitrogen Coach

By Chris Quandt, Senior Coach

You’ll probably never hear a Nitrogen Coach say “Drop and give me 20!” Instead, we’re big fans of “Let me show you how our most successful advisors use Nitrogen” and “Let’s make sure you’re getting the maximum value from your Nitrogen subscription.

So, what exactly IS a Nitrogen Advisor Success Coach? In a word – storyteller. We help advisors not only understand how Nitrogen functions, but why over thousands of firms across the country have made it a central part of their firm including:

  • Why, as an advisor, you’ll benefit from using Nitrogen in your next client meeting
  • Why our most successful advisors use Retirement Maps in every single client meeting.
  • Why it’s so important your clients understand the relationship between risk and reward, and how the Risk Number® creates a framework for clients to understand and react to risk appropriately.
  • Why the Lead Generation Questionnaire is the best tool out there to convert your web traffic into actionable leads.

And the list goes on. Our mission is to help you be your client’s hero. The one that continually guides them to financial success and financial freedom. As storytellers, we’re thrilled to share the countless success stories from our advisors who have joined the Fearless Investing Movement. One of my favorite success stories is about an advisor who used the Risk Number to generate a referral in the unlikeliest of places – an unexpected audit! Thanks to Nitrogen’s strict documentation and controlled processes, including Investment Policy Statements and GPA®, the firm was able to showcase their due diligence in understanding clients’ unique profiles and building investment strategies to accommodate them. They passed the audit with flying colors, but what happened afterward is the best part. The SEC examiner who assessed the firm gave them a referral – to their own family member! That’s the power of having Nitrogen at the center of your tech stack.

Now, where can you find a Nitrogen Success Coach sharing great stories like the one above? When we’re not crossing the country visiting a city near you for a Nitrogen Bootcamp, attending an industry conference, leading a webinar, or creating content for Nitrogen Academy, you’ll most often find us chatting with amazing advisors from all over the country. Who knows – maybe our next favorite story will come from you!

Another favorite saying of ours? Nitrogen training is completely free and included in your Nitrogen subscription! Start taking advantage of this wonderful benefit today.

Whether we chat with you on the phone, at a conference, or host you online for an upcoming webinar, we want to say thank you for the incredible work you do to empower your clients to invest fearlessly.

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