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Favoriting Funds in Discovery

Headlining the Fearless Investing Summit in October was the launch of our new lightning-fast fund screening solution: Discovery. It’s the most intelligent way to search the universe of securities to find the perfect fit for your clients and their portfolios. 
With 13 different filters, a natural language search engine, and detailed analysis on more than one million securities, Discovery is the most beautiful, intelligent way to find the securities your clients need most.In the four months since we launched, thousands of advisors have used Discovery to find funds based on the criteria that matters most. The number one thing we’ve learned over the past six months is that advisors LOVE using Discovery…

“Discovery is just RIDICULOUS!! Love it!!!”

– Glen, Advisor in Maryland

 “Discovery is the reason why I stopped
using [my old technology].”
– Tom, Advisor in California

“Love the new Discovery feature!”

– Chris, CIO in Kansas

We’re so encouraged, and we’re just getting started. Our development team has been working hard to build more functionality to our search and filter capabilities, and today is another big milestone.

Introducing Fund Favoriting in Discovery!

The next time you open Discovery, you’ll see every fund has a small star next to it. It really is as simple as punching in your filters, clicking that star, and adding the security to your favorites!

GIF that shows how your advisors can favorite a fund by clicking a star next to it through our wealth management platform's Discovery feature. ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)

When you are ready to recall those favorites, simply navigate to the filter named “Favorites” in the upper left-hand corner and you’ll see every fund you’ve ever favorited.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)
GIF that shows how your advisors see their favorited funds with our wealth management platform’s Discovery feature.

If you are currently on Nitrogen Select or Nitrogen Elite, you’ve already got access to Discovery! Our team is working hard to add new functionality to Discovery, so stay tuned for some exciting new updates in the coming weeks!

Not currently using Discovery? Request a demo here and a specialist would love to help out!

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