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From the Fintech Frontlines

In March 2020, the outlook on everything was grim. The world was in a state of unprecedented chaos and the market was facing a similar daunting challenge. However, the Nitros you’ll see below rallied to help advisors during this fearful time. The advisors who showed up to make sure clients stayed fearless in this time, have those same clients thanking them years later. Even when the world slowed down, our fintech experts’ interactions with incredible advisors didn’t slow down a bit. 

We’ve recorded best practices that have arisen out of calls during this time, and we thought we’d share the love. 

Painting the Picture with Scenarios

Mitch Dunn showcases how advisors are using Scenarios in Nitrogen to illustrate the potential effects of their decision-making. You’ve always been able to see how a client’s portfolio would have performed during specific market events, but now you can string these events together to create key portfolio narratives.

Checking in with Clients

Alex Wiens demonstrates how to send Check-ins to clients to proactively assess their sentiment on markets and their financial future. Check-ins is an automated behavioral coaching tool that allows you, the advisor, to take the pulse of your clients on a regular basis.

Expanding Your Reach with a Button

Investors are looking for a risk-first approach to their money now more than ever. Chris Quandt shows you how advisors are setting up a Lead Generation Questionnaire on their website to drive growth. With a simple link or a few lines of code, you can embed the Risk Questionnaire into your website, email signature, or social media posts to create a new way for prospective clients to engage with your firm.

Focusing on the Long Term with Retirement Maps

Daniel Michaelsen spoke with an advisor who used Retirement Maps to reorient a nervous client’s perspective. Don’t wonder if a client’s risk preference will allow them to achieve their goals—calculate their probability and build a map to success. Illustrate the bigger picture and even uncover outside assets.

Meeting with Clients Remotely and Securely

Clients desperately need advice and aren’t likely to mosey into an office building to get it these days. Alex Wiens shows you how to set up remote Meetings in Nitrogen! It doesn’t matter if the market is up, down, or sideways: Clients always need guidance and an easy way to get in touch with you.

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