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Integrating Nitrogen into Your Process Pays Off

Advisor Erik Lillibridge has made Nitrogen a central part of the client experience at his firm. No matter the net worth of the client, every existing and prospective client is assigned a Risk Number®, foundational to their financial advising experience. 

“If I want to do my job the right way, then I have to help my clients understand the probability of what could happen to their investments. Every single client deserves a Risk Number,” Erik said.  

Not only does Nitrogen help Erik to provide each client with a clear understanding of how their investments are being managed, but it also streamlines his compliance process and increases his efficiency. 

“The business has definitely streamlined. Meetings are shorter and more productive, and the technology eliminates a lot of the work that was previously on my plate,” said Erik. “I used to call my clients 4-6 times per year, but now with Check-ins, we can have better conversations without having to review portfolios.” 

Erik is a strong believer that every client deserves the same attention to detail when it comes to managing their investments, and he has found that Nitrogen produces an undeniably impressive ROI when it is integrated into every step of his process. With one client win, Nitrogen more than paid for itself. 

“Nitrogen is eye-opening for clients and prospects – the very first time I used it in a presentation, I brought in $1.8 million,” Erik said.  

The thing that surprises Erik the most about Nitrogen? That not every advisor out there uses it.

“I want to be an expert in Nitrogen, so that as it continues to evolve, I’ll be on the cutting edge of something great,” Erik said. 

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