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Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion Insights from White Glove and Nitrogen: Webinar Recap

About this session:

This session featured a discussion between representatives from White Glove and Nitrogen. The topic focused on how financial advisors can effectively generate leads through webinars and seminars and engage with clients using various tools and techniques.

Insights Surfaced:

  1. Seminars and webinars are effective tools for financial advisors to educate a large audience and generate leads.
  2. It’s important to choose the right venues and topics for these workshops to attract the right audience.
  3. Follow-up is crucial in lead generation. After the workshop, advisors should engage with the attendees and even those who registered but didn’t attend.
  4. Technology can aid in simplifying complex financial concepts and engaging clients. Nitrogen, for example, offers a tool that quantifies risk tolerance, making it easier for clients to understand.
  5. Regular check-ins and automated email campaigns can help advisors stay in touch with their clients and prospects.

Meet the Speakers

Lara Galloway – White Glove SVP of Channel Management

Education is central to Lara Galloway’s career. With 12 years of experience running her coaching and consulting business and her role as SVP of Financial Education at White Glove, Lara is dedicated to educating others to achieve their personal and professional goals. At White Glove, she spearheads the growth of Enlighten 567’s financial wellness program, bringing free financial education to families across the United States. Additionally, Lara is passionate about empowering advisors with valuable resources for continuous learning and growth.

Chris Quandt – Nitrogen Wealth Success Engagement Manager

Chris Quandt is a Success Engagement Manager at Riskalyze. Over the last 7 years he has served on both the Marketing and Advisor Success team. Chris delights in helping advisors understand how Riskalyze can help as growth platform and business development tool. Given the choice between Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s. Reese’s Pieces every time.

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Takeaway 1: Improve client engagement by leveraging technology.

In this webinar, speakers discussed the importance of utilizing technology to simplify complex financial concepts for potential leads and existing clients. They stressed that technology should be used to facilitate conversations and make the advisor’s job easier, rather than overwhelming clients with complicated charts and graphs.

Lara stated, “Your job as an advisor is to make things not complicated, to make it simple and be that expert for your clients… Our job, Chris’s job and my job, is to make your job easy. That’s why we bring our expertise to bear for you.” She added, “Every single time I see a demo from you guys, I go, that is beautiful technology. But it’s simple. It’s so simple and just showing how you can use technology to further conversations.”

Both speakers emphasized the value of leveraging technology for automating certain tasks such as follow-up campaigns and sending out reminders. They also highlighted the importance of using technology to visually represent complex financial concepts, making them easier for clients to understand.

Takeaway 2: Advisors must build trust and rapport through consistent engagement with clients.

The webinar emphasized the importance of consistent client engagement for trust and rapport building. The speakers noted that advisors should not solely rely on automated tools for communication but rather use them as additional touch points to supplement their personal interactions with clients.

According to White Glove, “It takes that dripping, that consistent follow-up…And again, marketing automation tools like ones [offered by White Glove] and the ones that you get through the Nitrogen platform, this is how you stay abreast of those leads… it will work if you’re playing the long game and you keep yourself disciplined and you use the marketing automation tools.” Chris echoed this sentiment by exploring the use of Nitrogen’s client check-ins feature, “As we’re taking on new clients now we must ensure that we’re giving them the service, we’re serving them well and to do that consistently, we have a feature called check-ins.”

Check-ins were presented as a form of automated email that goes out in between client review meetings to evaluate how the clients are feeling about their financial future and the market. This was seen as a valuable tool in maintaining client relationships and staying ahead of any potential concerns.

Takeaway 3: Advisors need to focus on education to establish expertise and attract potential clients.

Chris and Lara explored the importance of advisors positioning themselves as educators in their approach to marketing and client engagement. By conducting workshops and seminars on complex financial topics, advisors can attract potential clients looking for guidance and present themselves as subject matter experts.

Lara said, “When you stand as an advisor in front of a group of people that has a lot of questions, and you are the warm, friendly educator, you’re the subject matter expert, right? And all [potential clients] need you to do is help them feel related to you, feel like they can like you and trust you, and they’ll come away feeling educated.”

She also emphasized that these educational events could focus on simplifying complex financial concepts and not be used as sales pitches. “You don’t need to buy dinners.” Lara explained, “you don’t need to bait and switch. You don’t need to scream about fear mongering, right? You just come up and you educate people on things that help make them empowered to make some of these big financial decisions and to answer some of these questions that they need to answer.”

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