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How Nitrogen’s Lead Gen Tools Save Time, Build Connections, and Fuel Growth

Growth isn’t easy – there’s a reason the phrase “growing pains” exists, and advisory firms are no exception. 

From cold calling to pay-for-lead services, it’s easy to sink money and time into lead generation (“lead gen”) initiatives and experience frustration when the needle fails to move. You may even wonder if lead gen activities outside referrals are worth the trouble.

But thanks to the 2023 Nitrogen Growth Survey, we know that overall, lead generation efforts aren’t in vain. In fact, hyper-growth firms are over twice as likely to rank lead generation as most important to firm growth over their slow-growth counterparts, signaling an important connection between the two.

The key isn’t to stop doing lead gen; it’s to find the right tools and technology to streamline your lead generation processes. With Nitrogen’s advanced lead gen technology and customizable questionnaire, you can embrace lead gen that fuels firm-wide growth (no cold calls necessary).


Infuse Your Marketing Strategy with Nitrogen’s Risk Number®

At Nitrogen, we’ve combined both hyper-personalization and standardized processes to create lead-gen experiences that deliver immediate value to both your firm and your clients. 

It all starts with the Lead Generation Questionnaire, an interactive tool you can easily embed into your website, social media posts, or emails to engage audience members. Instead of a static e-brochure, your website visitors can answer just a few questions to discover their personal risk tolerance through a simple, easy-to-understand Risk Number

After an individual completes the questionnaire, you’ll receive an email with key information like their name, assets, risk information, contact information, and more. 

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Your firm can drive traffic around the clock, beginning each lead gen journey with creative campaigns centered around the powerful question: What’s your Risk Number?


Grow Faster with Nitrogen Lead Gen: 3 Key Benefits

1. Deliver a consistent message across the client journey 

The Risk Number doesn’t go away after that initial questionnaire. Rather, it’s an ongoing tool you can use to monitor client progress and keep them informed in a way they truly “get.”

That aspect of our lead gen approach becomes extremely important in closing the communication gap between you and your prospects and clients. Investopedia reports that “77% of investors who are clear on their financial goals experience lower stress.” 

However, they also have a different experience and perspective than you. That same article notes that while “87% of financial planners said they had asked about the client’s plans to care for the client’s loved ones, only 23% of investors remembered them raising the issue.”

When you find a simple way to turn complex plans into digestible conversations – not only for a single meeting, but throughout the entire client journey – you can eliminate confusion and stay on the same page.


2. Focus the conversation around client needs

Samantha Russell of FMG Suite recently said, “This new generation does not want a financial advisor. They want a life coach with a side of financial planning and investment advice.” She goes on to note that 85% of millennials want their financial advice with a side of behavioral coaching.

By prioritizing client needs via their risk information, you can effectively convey empathy and care for their unique situation from that initial touchpoint.


3. Take back your time 

SmartAsset estimates that the average advisor may be spending two to three hours each day on prospecting. As you likely know, that time could be better spent on client engagement, exploring new growth opportunities, or furthering your investment skills and knowledge.

With our plug-and-play lead generation tools, you can streamline those processes and skip right to the important conversations.

Find Ready-made Resources in the Advisor Marketing Kit

With Nitrogen, your prospecting begins with the Risk Number – but it doesn’t end there. 

As your leads progress along their journey with your firm and evolve into clients, you’ll have a customizable suite of tools to keep them engaged.

Within the Advisor Marketing Kit, you’ll find:

  • Client-facing videos
  • Presentation templates
  • Brochures 
  • Press releases 
  • Social media image generators
  • Best-practice guides
  • Printer-friendly deliverables
  • And more

*Please Note: The Advisor Marketing Kit is currently available only to Nitrogen Elite account members.

Each of the above resources can be customized with your firm’s branding and are already optimized for quick compliance approval. With pre-built templates that can be branded to your organization in just seconds, the Advisor Marketing Kit adds immediate value you start using on day one. 

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If traditional lead gen processes have your firm feeling those growing pains, Nitrogen’s Risk Number, Lead Generation Questionnaire, and Advisor Marketing Kit can automate your prospecting and build your book of clients.

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