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Q1 2024 Product Release: Drive Client Engagement and Business Growth With Nitrogen’s Newest Features

We’re always looking for new ways to serve the advisors who are part of the Fearless Investing movement, equipping you with new ways to achieve sustainable growth for your firm. With that mission in mind, we recently shared some exciting updates to the Nitrogen Platform that further emphasize our commitment to delivering sophisticated, growth-focused solutions, especially for our Ignite and Ultimate users.  

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In case you missed the announcement, here’s everything you need to know!

1 – Reports Builder is here

Reports Builder is your go-to interface where assembling reports isn’t just intuitive, it’s powerful and flexible. Gone are the days of overwhelming investors with a 50-page report they’ll never read. Now you can illustrate your expertise on paper so you can propose the right amount of risk and empower fearless investing with your clients and prospects.

Reports Builder comes with a library of elements by which you can tell your best stories. Mix, match, and customize reports in a way that treats clients as individuals and gives them just what they need, right when they need it.

Reports Builder is now available in a limited beta program and will be available to all users (on all plans) in a few weeks.

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2 – Subdomains in Command Center

Command Center is the firmwide tool that helps track your firm’s growth, retention, and proposal process across your entire book of business. It allows you to sync your firms data and have a dynamic view into which accounts are aligned (or misaligned) with their Risk Number®.

For users on Nitrogen Ultimate, subdomains allow firm leaders to create hierarchical access systems within the platform. Now, you’ll unlock a more nuanced and secure division between your primary executives executives and subdomain executives.

For example, let’s say you’re a chief compliance officer and established as a the primary executive within the platform. You’d have access to view activity across all firm offices, whereas someone else who’s a regional director could be designated as a subdomain executive with access limited to their own specific regions.

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3 – Advisor Filtering in the Insights Dashboard

The Insights Dashboard has always allowed firms to measure the growth and risk across their entire book of business. But now, the Insights dashboard can be filtered to view the performance at the overall firm level and at the individual advisor level. 

By gaining the ability to extract information about individual advisors, leaders can assess invaluable performance insights that will drive strategic decision-making for the firm.

4 – Won With Nitrogen™

Won With Nitrogen™, a proprietary metric, is designed to quantify and highlight Nitrogen’s direct impact on your firm’s asset acquisition. 

By leveraging data automatically integrated into each client profile, Won With Nitrogen™ empowers firms to more accurately track and analyze growth that begins with helping prospects find and understand their Risk.

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5 – Brand Colors in Command Center

Reports in Nitrogen are designed to showcase your firm’s logo and brand. With our Ignite and Ultimate plans, you can configure your primary and secondary brand colors to flow through all of the report elements to make each report feel like it was custom-built for your business.

Please note that Command Center is an exclusive feature for Nitrogen Ignite and Ultimate users.

Join Us at This Year’s Fearless Investing Summit

This year, we’re excited to announce the Fearless Investing Summit has been named “The Top Advisor Marketing Conference of 2024” by, and we’re excited to bring together over 1,000 advisors and firm leaders together for an unforgettable experience full of incredible insights and actionable takeaways.

Our 2024 Fearless Investing Summit is happening October 23-25 in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. This year’s top-notch lineup of speakers includes Samantha Russell, chief evangelist at FMG Suite; Christine Simone, co-founder and chief executive officer at Caribou; Joy Lere, co-founder at Shaping Wealth; and Matt Halloran, co-founder and chief relationship officer at ProudMouth, and 80 other incredible industry leaders. 

It’s not too early to register now for the industry’s leading event of the year.

Want to experience the Nitrogen platform yourself? Enjoy an interactive tour of Nitrogen today.

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