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What Advisors Are Saying About Nitrogen Academy

By Chris Quandt, Community Customer Service Manager

One of the questions we always ask ourselves is how we can make the Nitrogen customer experience better. That question launched Nitrogen Academy, one of our big announcements from last year’s Fearless Investing Summit.

If you missed the announcement, you’re probably wondering, “What is Nitrogen Academy?”

It’s exclusive customer-only content that gives users additional layers of information, like the calculations behind the Risk/Return Scenario on an investment, for example.

Nitrogen Academy is more than a webinar, training session, or article. It’s a library of interactive media, bite-sized lessons, and self-assessments geared toward providing actionable value in an easy to understand way.

We recently surveyed Nitrogen Academy users and here’s what we found out:

  • Seven out of ten advisors said they learned something new about the Nitrogen product or picked up a new best practice.

  • Over half of the respondents reported that they felt like they became a better Nitrogen expert because of the academy.

  • Half of advisors said that by working through the Academy, they streamlined their Nitrogen learning curve by an average of four hours.

Want talking points and best practices for using Nitrogen in client meetings? What about a deep-dive into the Risk Number and the methodology behind Nitrogen? The Academy has a lesson for that.

A lot of advisors we talk to barely have time to blink let alone fit one more thing into their day. We made the lessons so that you can learn at your own pace when it’s most convenient for you. And since not everyone is on the same schedule, teams love the flexibility of accessing lessons at their own time. No more herding cats for a two-hour webinar.

How are advisors leveraging Nitrogen Academy?

  • Working through one or two lessons a day. Lesson completion time is typically 5-15 minutes.

  • Grabbing a cup (or two) of coffee and completing Nitrogen Academy over the course of a weekend. (Yep! We’ve seen it done.)

  • Using Academy as a training tool for administrative assistants and office support staff.

The feedback we’ve received has been amazing. Here’s what some advisors are saying about Nitrogen Academy:

“Very well presented and great tips to use Nitrogen for my client benefits. Thank you.” – Alfredo

“Love learning about new features.” – Tyler

“Like the practical focus – how is this actually used. Very helpful.” – Sharon

“I learned about features I wasn’t using [Check-ins] and got a more comprehensive perspective on Risk Numbers and how they are calculated. I think the best thing about the Academy is that it gives you a path to learn on, versus doing it piecemeal.” – Fred

Are you ready? Nitrogen Academy is available to all Nitrogen users and it’s already included in your subscription. Log in to Nitrogen or just click this handy button below:

To the Academy!

Happy learning!

Not yet a Nitrogen user? Join a tour and see the Risk Number in action. We’d love to see you around the Academy.

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