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Nitrogen Meetings Connects You with Clients Anywhere, Anytime

It doesn’t matter if the market is up, down, or sideways: Clients always need guidance and an easy way to get in touch with you. But that doesn’t always mean that they need to make it into your office to get your expert advice.

Sure, you could meet over the phone, but sometimes you really need to show your client a visual of their portfolio to help simplify a concept you want to emphasize. Just using words won’t quite have the same impact.

So if you have a client right now who’s a little concerned about COVID-19, and would prefer not to head into an office building to get your advice, then you need a solution that still allows you to deliver it with the same impact as if you were sitting across from them.

Here’s how your business should adapt when clients want to stay home.

The Allure of Meeting Remotely

Today, people are much more open to the idea of remote meetings. The workplace itself has shifted; from 2005 to 2017, remote workers grew by a whopping 159%.

Outside of remote work, though, it’s easier than ever to connect with family and friends and simulate in-person meetings with video chat.

The use of video chat crosses generational divides, too. According to an AARP survey, 38% of American grandparents communicate with their grandchildren using video chat.

So whether you serve a remote working millennial or a retired baby boomer, the chances are good that they’ll be open to meeting with you remotely.

But video chat only solves half the problem. What if you need to show them some information or demonstrate something on your computer screen? Pointing your iPhone at your computer during Facetime isn’t much of a delightful experience.

You could ask them to download a virtual meeting software like Zoom or GoToMeeting, but then you have to deal with the possibility of additional headaches. Your client has to download the software, launch it, and keep it updated over time.

If you’ve got a client who isn’t particularly tech-savvy, it can be a frustrating process and it can put as much fear into them as the coronavirus puts into the average air traveler. Acting as technical support for Microsoft or Apple isn’t what you signed up for when you became an advisor.

When you want to meet remotely with clients, asking them to add a piece of software to their life and keep it updated just for you doesn’t provide a great experience.

So what’s the solution?

It turns out that it’s pretty simple, actually. You can give virtual advice the easy way with Nitrogen Meetings.

A Fearless Approach to Virtual Meetings

Nitrogen Meetings lets you launch virtual meetings with your clients with two (yep, count ‘em) clicks.

And it gets even better for your clients. Here’s what they need to launch your Meeting on their side:

A computer, tablet, or smartphone

A web browser

That’s it.

You launch a Meeting from within Nitrogen and don’t even need to send them an invitation link that might get lost in spam. Clients navigate to (a pretty easy URL to remember, right?) and enter a code you give them. Instantly, you’re connected.

Just like using the Risk Number takes the fear out of investing, Nitrogen Meetings takes the fear out of botching the remote advice session.

Safety First

One of the problems with traditional remote meeting software is that your client can see whatever is on your screen.

If you accidentally click to a different client, or receive a sensitive text message or email notification on your screen, they’ll see whatever is happening.

From a security standpoint, those little issues can spell big trouble.

Nitrogen Meetings gives you the safety and security you need, with the simplicity you want. You can only share the specific client information with the client you’re talking to—if you click to another client by accident, Meetings intelligently recognizes it and censors any information from your client’s eyes.

What You Can Do with Nitrogen Meetings

If it’s in Nitrogen, you can share it with a client in Meetings.

Pull up a client’s Retirement Map to show clients how the decisions they make now will impact their retirement goals in the future.

Launch Portfolios to look at a stress test together, and show your client how their portfolio will perform in a market like 2008 (with the uncertainty surrounding the markets right now, it could be a great time for this exercise).

Complete a new Risk Questionnaire together with a prospective client to get them invested right without waiting for them to fill out their answers after you’ve already met.

That’s are only three examples of some of the popular ways advisors use Meetings with clients. If you’ve got a favorite report or analysis that you want to review with a client, you can use Meetings to easily share it with a client.

Take the Advice Profession Global

No matter where you are in the world, or where your client is, Meetings lets you connect.

Advisory firms are no longer limited by geography, and Meetings gives you another tool to expand the people you serve—even if they’re on vacation in the Scottish Isles and your practice is run from Bozeman, Montana.

Or, when the market does something you don’t expect and a client wants to meet with you right away, Meetings makes it simple to give them confidence, keep them invested, and strengthen your relationship.

When times get tough, that’s when a fearless advisor’s value really shines.

We hear from advisors so often about how Nitrogen is helping them manage expectations and calm nerves. Here are just two examples:

As an advisor, you deal with so much more than the markets and you are so much more important to the people you serve than someone who helps them choose investments.

Meetings helps you serve your clients better by giving you another tool to demonstrate your expertise and value, and build relationships that stand the test of time.

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