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The Advisor’s Guide to Virtual Meetings

After a year of virtual events, remote meetings, and online networking happy hours, it’s become more critical than ever that financial advisors invest in a quality tech set-up to support and enhance their message. Whether you’re meeting with a long-term client or potential prospect, hosting a webinar, or presenting during a virtual event, the right tools ensure you’re presented in the best light (literally) to share your message.

With remote work here to stay, our video team has compiled a list of best-in-class equipment, that won’t necessarily break the bank, to help you upgrade your home studio set-up. So, where do we get started?


Surprisingly, it’s not the quality of your camera that counts, but the lighting that supports the subject in front of it. Multiple sources of illumination, when positioned correctly, ensure you’re the focal point and prevent oversaturation.

First, there’s the Key Light

The Key Light is your main source of illumination. It’s typically the strongest of the three light sources and has the most influence on how you’ll appear on camera. Placed about 45 degrees to one side of the camera, it ensures the subject side it is placed on is well lit and that the other side has some shadow.

Next, there’s the Fill Light

The Fill Light is the secondary light which is placed on the opposite side of the Key Light. It’s main use is to fill the shadows created by the Key Light. Traditionally, it’s light is softer and less bright and may be placed slightly further away from the subject than the Key Light.

Finally, the Back Light.

The Back Light is placed behind the subject to light it from the rear. Rather than providing direct lighting (like the Key and Fill Lights), its purpose is to provide definition and subtle highlights. It ensures you’re not overly bright in comparison with your background.


To create your own three-point lighting set-up, our team recommends using:

  • Viltrox LED Video Light Panels – These are great for both the Key and Fill Lights and you’re able to set their brightness and color to compensate for ambient light. For example – you can make them brighter or warmer if the sky is overcast.
  • LEPOWER 50W LED Work Lights – Perfect for the Back Light, these work lights create a three-dimensional appearance that allow you to pop against your background setting.
  • Mattifying Gel – More than likely, your lights will be a bit bright and close to you, which can make your skin appear shiny. Swipe on this anti-shine mattifying gel to make sure you’re ready for your close-up.


Now that you’ve got your lighting needs squared away, it’s time to talk about the camera. A good camera with a high quality lens is essential to ensuring you appear polished and professional. Further, you’ll need to capture the video to your laptop. Here are some options our team recommends:


The most important thing is to ensure you’re connecting with your audience, but it can be difficult when you’re shuffling between notes, browser tabs, and the camera lens. Imagine looking at your notes without ever breaking eye contact with your viewers. You’d be able to increase engagement, authenticity, and the power of your message. The best part? You can! All you need is a teleprompter.

Instead of looking at yourself (which can be kind of distracting if we’re honest) or the live stream of the event you’re participating in, you’ll be able to look directly at your notes, superimposed on the front of your camera lens. There is an additional step needed for success here – can you spot it?

No matter how you arrange the portable monitor, your notes will be mirrored back-to-front on the teleprompter! A quick fix, you’ll just need to flip the video signal horizontally to ensure the notes are legible. Some tools our team recommends to create a seamless set-up include:


Between the camera, the lens, and the teleprompter, you’re going to need a strong tripod to safely hold it in place. The Peak Design Travel Tripod is small enough to sit on a desk, tall enough to stand on the ground, and strong enough to carry the weight!


Last, but certainly not least, is your microphone. Even if you look ready to take on your starring role, you’ll be going nowhere fast if your audience can’t hear you clearly! While there are many inexpensive microphones available, beware of their quality! Difficulty clipping to your lapel, staying put, and excessive background noise can quickly lead to a cheap microphone graveyard. Instead, invest a bit more upfront for a quality piece that filters out background noise and allows your message to be heard properly. We recommend the Audio-Technica Microphone Bundle.


Lights! Camera! Action! You’re ready to stream like a pro. But what’s the best platform to connect with clients and potential investors? We’re glad you asked! Nitrogen Meetings is an incredibly powerful way to engage your audience – whether they’re across the room or across the world. With Meetings built into Nitrogen, you can effortlessly launch a meeting with just two clicks. Your client only needs a web browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox) to join. It’s absolutely secure and there’s no way to share the wrong data with the wrong client. Your clients can watch you manipulate portfolios and Retirement Maps, help them capture their Risk Number, or you can even beam a risk questionnaire to their device to complete. 

Ready to learn more? Talk to a specialist to learn how to add Nitrogen Meetings to your practice today!

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