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Summer Product Updates: The Latest and Greatest from Nitrogen

Product Releases: Summer 2022 Update

As we head into Summer, things are heating up around here! We’re not just referring to the hotter temperatures, pool parties, and barbeques — but the fresh updates our team is sending your way. As the Fearless Investing Movement continues to grow, our team continues to innovate, and we’ve got some powerful new tools and features that we’d love for you to check out.  

Nitrogen Select & Nitrogen Elite

For advisors on Nitrogen Select or Elite, we’ve made big improvements to our fund screener, Discovery, and SMA data that will allow you to be even more efficient with your investment research. 

  • We’ve added SMAs into Discovery. Now you can filter for ETFs, Mutual Funds, stocks, and SMAs.
  • Discovery has a new filter for Turnover Ratio. A turnover ratio is a number used to show the amount of change in a holding within a year. This ratio typically ranges between 0% and 100% but can be higher for certain funds.
  • You can favorite funds within Discovery and add them to a portfolio when you’re using the all-new portfolio experience.
  • Speaking of portfolios, we’re continuing to add more functionality to the all-new portfolio experience including the ability to add accounts, securities, models, and more!
  • Column Management for Discovery is here! You can easily adjust the order of columns, toggle columns on/off, and adjust the width of certain columns to make digesting information just a little easier.
  • Lastly, we’ve added the ability to search for SMAs throughout the Nitrogen platform. Simply type a ticker into the search bar or dive into the analytics from a portfolio to view all your SMA analytics in one place.

Nitrogen Compliance

Announced last year at the Fearless Investing Summit, Nitrogen Compliance is now available for growing wealth management firms — small and large! Nitrogen Compliance empowers compliance professionals with best-of-breed compliance tools and firm configuration. It’s never been easier to see which accounts have inappropriate investments, concentrated positions, or are out of alignment with their target. We are continuing to invest in our home office product offerings and will continue to innovate to make Nitrogen Compliance the compliance and business insight tool of the future.

Nitrogen Developer APIs

Delivering a platform is about more than just technology. It’s about using data that helps you better engage with your customers. We have officially made our developer APIs available to wealth management firms, asset management firms, and growing wealthtech/fintech companies. We are so excited to partner with others in the industry to see what we can build together. Get in touch with our API and integrations team!

Stay tuned for more updates soon! We hope these latest enhancements help you on our shared mission to empower the world to invest fearlessly. We’re grateful for the work you do to serve your clients, and we’re honored to play a small role in your success.

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