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Top 5 Tips to Enhance Your Email Marketing Program

By Kate Maynard

Customer Marketing Manager at Nitrogen

Email marketing is an effective, low-cost strategy to connect with your customers, prospects, and leads that allows you to connect in a personalized way. Messages can be tailored to the specific audience you want to reach and sent at a time that’s convenient for the recipient. Best of all, when you use email marketing software you can track how many opens your email received, who read your content, and which recipients clicked on your links.

The ultimate goal of any quality email marketing program is to provide human and helpful content to recipients. It helps advisory firms build long-term, personal relationships and provide trustworthy guidance and support to customers and prospects. But how do you get started? Here are my top 5 tips for laying the foundation of an effective email marketing strategy for your practice.


Tip #1 – Personalize Your Greeting

When you personalize the opening of your email to include their name like “Hello, Mark!” or “Good Afternoon, Janet,” you’re letting the recipient know this email was sent specifically to them. It avoids the generic, bulk email send openings like “Hello, friend” or “Dear, client.” When a recipient’s name is used, the email feels more authentic and purposeful – which gets them to continue reading your valuable message.

emailmarketingpersonTip #2 – Send Your Email on Behalf of a Human

People like interacting with people. While generic department inboxes are helpful for centralizing responses, they signal to readers that the email was sent by a company rather than an individual. To increase direct responses, have your email send appear to come from a real person. Readers will be more likely to hit “reply” and start a conversation if they already know someone is ready to engage on the other end.

emailmarketingbubblesTip #3 – Optimize Your Email’s Preview Text

Over 50% of emails sent today are read on a mobile device. With only about 75 preview characters available to entice your reader – you need to make each one count! Selecting what text your email will display in the preview is crucial, and you want to avoid auto-choices such as “Click here to display in plain text,” “View message in browser,” or worst-case scenario – displaying nothing at all. Use action-oriented language to write a snappy sentence or two that will encourage your reader to click your valuable communication.

emailmarketingbpclockTip #4 – Experiment with the Best Time to Send Your Emails

Customers read emails at varied times throughout the week. To identify the most likely times they will engage with your message will require some testing. Send your email out in batches at different times throughout the day to recipients and see which sends obtain the highest open rates. Engagement time will also vary by day of the week. Generally speaking, Mondays and Fridays are the poorest performers for email interaction while Tuesdays through Thursdays see higher open and response rates. Take some time to measure what timeframes perform best for your business and then schedule future outcasts to fall into those windows.



Once you’ve written your content, personalized your greeting, created a powerful preview message, and determined when you want to send your email – it’s time to proofread. There’s no worse feeling than hitting send and immediately seeing a cringeworthy typo. Proofread and send a test email to yourself. Ask yourself – Do all my special tokens populate correctly? Do my graphics load? Does my email signature show the correct email and phone number? Is the preview text incorporated? Is everything formatted correctly? If so, take two minutes and read the email out loud to yourself. You’re more likely to hear the mistake before your eyes read and identify it.

Whether you’re connecting with clients or prospects, these tips provide a strong foundation for your firm’s email marketing program. We’re honored to play a small part in expanding your firm’s impact and empowering the world to invest fearlessly.

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