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Why Client-Facing Technology Tells A Better Story

The world of investing is complicated. Your value as an advisor comes from taking an investor’s history, goals, risk tolerance, and ambitions, and creating an investment strategy that aligns with all of it. The ability to juggle these needs, while staying in compliance and managing the backend process, is a brilliant piece of storytelling—but are you telling that story as well as you should?

Experts agree that we’re in the midst of a Consumer Revolution. Most major tech advancements are centered around improving the user experience (UX), and fintech is no different. Self-directed robo advisors were forced to create client interfaces that were intuitive and well-designed to make up for the lack of human interaction. Without a storyteller, robos had to evolve. Over the past three years, we’ve seen an infusion of capital, robo advisors changing the way consumers expect information, and the widespread adoption of a fiduciary mindset—all three elements of the Consumer Revolution are like a perfect storm.

Today, clients expect their advisors to have all the great tools the robos have AND the winning personality to sell it. It’s not enough to say “trust me”—and we think that presents a GREAT opportunity for advisors. In the age of best interests, we need to prove our value conclusively and easily. The good news? If you invest in the right tools, proving your value is as easy as turning your screen around, pulling up an app, or logging in. The ability to relate visually is one of the most significant advances in fintech of the past ten years.

Great fintech is intuitive, and that’s where client-facing technology shines. Advisors have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and tools that make a portfolio strategy possible. Having intuitive technology that responds to the advisor’s input and communicates it visually to their client makes the investment process a partnership. Not all investors are market gurus, nor are all investors blissfully unaware of the basic tenets of financial planning. It can be a struggle for advisors to demonstrate their know-how without alienating their clients. It’s not a lack of information that’s the problem; it’s that investors are overwhelmed with information. Relating visually bridges the communication gap that has plagued the industry for decades.

We’ve been twice-voted “Best Client-Facing Technology” and know that seeing is believing. If you’re interested in any piece of software for your advisory firm, always insist on getting a personal demo. Once you see how seamless a great piece of client-facing tech can be, you’ll realize you’ve been working way too hard.

Not yet using Nitrogen? We’d love to schedule you a demo so you can see how Nitrogen revolutionizes your advice and brings a visual dimension to your client meetings.

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